Don’t Starve – Tips and Tricks! How to Survive Forever!

Don’t Starve – Tips and Tricks! How to Survive Forever!

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This is my little “tips and tricks” video on the ways I’ve found to survive easily. Obviously there’s more than just what I’m showing, but this video should lay a nice strong foundation, and allow you to survive fairly well. All the little bits here and there that I couldn’t add, due to video length, basically fall into the category of common sense, so…
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  1. thank you, this is really helps 🙂 i was able to survive more than 100 days

  2. 2:09 do those spider nests respawn quickly (or at all) or I don't want to kill them, because I do need silk.

  3. Great tutorial!

  4. rhys young (Gaming Rhys)

    Does this apply to don't starve together

  5. but u make it easier we want deafult survival

  6. lol, puts a redirect box where people most likely will double click to fullscreen the video. so more views.

  7. "I didn't intend to make it so long, but that's what happens." – My Don't Starve experience to a T. "It's 3 in the morning?! On a Tuesday?! Shit, I gotta go to bed." And then I dream about digging up sticks.

  8. Dude you got just the same world seed as me and made a camp in the same place haha

  9. Awesome thanks for the tips!

  10. In my current world, my base is on a peninsula that is impossible to get to without having to go through a Beefalo herd AND a tribal pig torch camp. I can just run to those if anything bad comes.

  11. Youssef Moussaoui

    Wow nice tips… But u were on easy mode… We want tips of how to survive in a nice don't starve default experience.

  12. I don't like Wolfgang. I'd rather go with willow or Wendy.

  13. I need to stop forgetting to turn the volume back down after videos like this. Focking hell.

  14. Nice vid thx for the tips . Just bought it on PlayStation. Watched all kinds of YouTube videos about Dont Starve when it first came out. This was a good refresher course :)

  15. Zana “KurdistanPKK21” Balyeci

    Thanks, me and my friend in dst already got to day 146 to your tips! yes i know reign of giants is different but it still helps :P

  16. how many monster meat does it take for the pig to fallow you?

  17. 1.Dont Build A Base In A Pig Village Because On Full Moons They Turn Into Werepigs and You Are Screwed
    2.Dont Build A Single Base, Build Multiple Bases Because When Firehounds Come Your Screwed
    3.Dont Build A Base With Beefalo Because When Their Butts Are Red They Start Attacking You For No Reason
    Additional Notes:
    Dont Give Pigs Too Much monster Meat Because They Turn Into Werepigs
    Dont Break Absolutly Every Spider Nest Because You Can Farm Silk With Them
    When Spider Nests Turn LVL 3 Then Spider Queens Might Spawn
    Destroy LVL 3 Spider Nests, You Will Get Spider Eggs And You Can Farm Silk
    When Going Hunting With Pigs Pick All Meat And Food Up Because Pigs Will Eat it If You Leave It There

  18. OR you can just set the only biome to forest, play as the Firestarter, and have fun at night

  19. I think this is a good tutorial for me to start the game tho, thx m8~ /)

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