Don’t Starve – Survival Guide Part 1: The Basics

Don’t Starve – Survival Guide Part 1: The Basics

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By request, I’m starting a brief series on the basics of how to survive Don’t Starve! In this episode, follow me as I intentionally (and sometimes unintentionally) blunder around like a noob to show you how to:

– Get your priorities straight for those crucial starting days
– Perform an emergency tree-ectomy in the dark
– Find food and make basic tools
– Plot out a base camp
– Not die
– …and more!

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  1. why is peter griffin doing guides

  2. Optimal Aerial Vision

    Awesome thanks! :D

  3. you have the same headset I had before I broke the mic.

  4. YoCheekyMonkey xx


  5. the thing i like about your channel is your a girl and not because im a creep but because you dont try to be cute and look like you SUPER model and try to draw in guys to watch like some people (girls) you just look like what you do and dont care!!

  6. Good video, I will be checking out the following videos in the series, +1.

  7. I Love You All sexy

    thank you this guide helped me get to day 27 :D

  8. It helped a lot thx

  9. When I play, instead of trying to find a descent place to set up camp before I place my science machine, I place it once I have the materials and craft basic things like a backpack, shovel, hammer, etc. and hammer it down and take the remaining materials. I've done this many times and it's proven to be very useful early-game.

  10. The first game I ever did with my buddy (don't starve together) we survived 27 days and we were just gifted it without watching any tutorials or anything

  11. This is extremely useful and informative, thank you!

  12. thought you were doing reign of giants

  13. Swift Addictionz

    Good vid

  14. Classical Music

    Could someone tell me what the ring thing is, at 23:55?

  15. At 24:32 the map looks like a penis lol

  16. So now I'm rewatching this series with a little more experience, I have to ask:

    Was the reason you considered setting up base camp near the ring thing because of the divining rod O.o it seems like an interesting tactic to navigate back to base.

  17. I got to day 21… then Winter came…

  18. TheGamePlayMaSteR

    AMAZING TIPS!!!!!!!

  19. Hey reb just want to say i love your vids :D

  20. I'm brand new to Don't Starve and it's been kinda rough so far. Noobs like me really appreciate the video!

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