DIY Survival: Brewing Tea in the Jungle | Dual Survival

DIY Survival: Brewing Tea in the Jungle | Dual Survival

- in Survival In The Jungle

Matt demonstrates how to make fire by friction using a primitive hand drill, how to boil water using hot rocks, and how to flavor water with nutrient-filled jungle herbs. | For more Dual Survival, visit

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  1. I mean machete

  2. What knife is that

  3. dd anyone else think that joe was gunna get mad?

  4. brynjar kristinn

    how come he got a badass knife but not a lighter?

  5. These guys make a really great team. Matt is a really cool dude. 

  6. Can I rent this guy for ww3?

  7. This is survival, you dont chose what you want or not. Joe is like mommys little princess, he has no place in wild, he is the one who goes down first, shouldve been staying home in his little barbie house playing with dolls.

  8. Might he kill the nutreints in the tea if boiled? Or should he put the leaves after the boil stop's?

  9. KG AirsoftChannel

    He wouldn't have said that dumbfucks. Your all retarted pieces of shit if you don't like joe.

  10. probably should have told him what he put in it first though

  11. Joe is comical bro! I can't stop saying bro,bro!

  12. This show should be called "Dual Example" because one man knows what he is doing (Matt) the other guy is just a retard who yells swears like a sailor and gains a millisecond of humility only when he needs help. Proof that the smart survive not the fittest. Sigh…Joe you retard…

  13. I like Joe and Matt on dual survival

  14. Joe's a dick

  15. thethingabouthappiness

    If Cody had brought him that tea Joe would have been pissed and been like, "YOU SHOULD HAVE CONSULTED ME FIRST YOU CANT PUT ANY RANDOM PLANT IN HERE". I want Dave and Cody back!

  16. blokefromthebush

    These two are a lot better then the other two you guys had last time

  17. Matt is the man !

  18. pandemonstrosity

    They should go to Aokigahara AKA Suicide Forest in Japan.

  19. Dual Survival is an excellent concept. One man knows what he's doing. The other man does not.

  20. Damn i wish i knew this much

  21. Brush up on survival basics with Matt Graham and Joe from Discovery Channel s hit show, Dual Survival. Brush up on survival basics with Matt and Joe from Discovery Channel’s hit show, Dual Survival.

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