DIY – 14 lb CORE – Bug Out Bag / Survival Kit / Get Home Bag – Bug Out Basics

DIY – 14 lb CORE – Bug Out Bag / Survival Kit / Get Home Bag – Bug Out Basics

- in Survival Basics

Check out this NEW Mini (14 lb.) Bug Out Bag – EDC – Survival Kit – YOU Can Build and Take with You Anywhere! This is a CORE 1 kit that you can build on and expand to a full sized Bug Out Bag or Emergency Kit. Includes: Weapons, Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid, Rescue Gear and a LOT more! Check it out…

Get the Full Packing List of ALL the Gear Shown in this Video (Below)…



HERE is a Link to ALL the Stuff in this Kit:


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  1. you should check out the fenix hl50, it so compact and i bet it's as good as the bear grylls headlamp or even better.
    personally i think it's better so yeah just check it out.

  2. Is there anyway I can get a list of all items in the bag and where to buy it. It's a great kit but I am concern about quality of each item. I feel you know which are best or do you build them for sale? Thanks for your videos.

  3. just a thought i would add a red lens head lamp or flash light its a good low light tool to work with in a bug out  situation

  4. I wish I could get away with a kit this light… even with the added gear for "colder climates", I don't think this would be suites to anything except maybe the warmest 12 weeks of the year here.

  5. Looks like a cool set up, a change I would consider making though is adding a small first aid kit. Anywhere you use guns, knives, and fire, there is potential for injuries.
    Also, I suggest breaking your MRE down and just pack the food items out of it you want. A lot of an MRE is just air, plastic, and wasted space. For long matches in the field with the army where we carried 2-3 days worth of MREs with us, you could fit 3 meals in the place of one by doing that.

  6. Your pistol uses magazines, not clips. I like that you recommend a 22, but a polmerstock 22 rifle is better. I think ultimate survival kit is not worthwhile.

  7. Thank you so much for doing all of this, I am new to learning what to do and would never have thought about 90% of all that you have shown, a city person never had any need. We all sense that something is up and one would be foolish not to educate themselves. I started a bug out bag a little while back, have to get a few of those bivvy bags! I didn't know they existed!

  8. There's a lot of improvement that could go into the bag like breaking down the MRE'S and getting rid of the junk items and just keeping the food. This will allow you to carry more food or other items.

  9. Arne Renczar D. Zurita

    What bag is that?

  10. Why is the backround fall when this was filmed in April?

  11. FYI – Kleen Kanteen does NOT recommend boiling in their containers…Cloth pronounced "she -maw", good tip on taping the lighter I have had one break on me. Good information, I like the redundancies, especially the Contractor grade garbage bags, thanks

  12. have you ever been in a real survival situation?

  13. Greg Paglianite

    Isn't all bivvy breathable, isn't it like gortex?

  14. Daniel Reinaldo

    i really like and really want to have this!!

  15. A New Testament bible thats awesome ! I respect a man who care enough to carry a bible with then! Im subscribing

  16. hey dude where did you bought your jacket

  17. can anyone send me a link t the bag/satchel everything is stored in the link in bio wasn't working for me.

  18. Hi David. This is a well above average, imho, thought out bob/ghb. I definitely picked up a few good ideas from this video. I don't know anything about your medical history, current circumstances, etc, so I don't even know if this is even feasible. Most folks who make bob/ghb bags never take them into the field for an overnighter, because frankly subjecting your body voluntarily to a survival situation is extremely stressful, but it does really highlight the difference between theory and practice, and it highlights a kit strengths and deficiencies as nothing else can. So I am not suggesting, this as a challenge to you or anyone, but what are your thoughts about the best way to "shake down" a bob/ghk prior to possibly having to rely on it to keep you alive a la shtf?

  19. I didn't go through all the comments but I'm sure this has been mentioned but you refer to the extra ammo storage as clips but in fact they are not clips they are magazines other than that great video keep posting more i really like your videos

  20. Diarmuid O Csrroll

    what to put in a lunch box suruvul kit

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