Desert Survival Food: Cactus Fruits

Desert Survival Food: Cactus Fruits

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A common plant found in the Chihuahuan Desert that is high in Vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and is quite tasty.

filmed in the El Paso, Texas/New Mexico area, Chuhuahuan Desert. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Knife, Making Fire, James Harris. Junkyard Fox


  1. Do you think I can find the fruit up in the Franklin mountains here in El paso?

  2. Javier Fernandez

    I never knew the fire trick. >:/ hahahhha

  3. Brandon Carraway

    "I'm going to get a tree branch to grab the fruit without getting any thorns". grabs thorny branch

  4. i am about to post a video

  5. hay do u remember me? i was Vicky i changed my channel i will post a video of my provri knife tomarrow please respond

  6. Armando Aguilar

    Buena Vista!

  7. El Chepe Astorga

    I am from the state of Chihuahua Mexico we have tons of Tuna fruits i never seen nobody burn the hairs or espinas as we call it down here we just grab them with a peace of paper from both ends and slice one side and then just roll around the skin off in less than 15 seconds you will have the skin off and ready 2 eat….My mom has a cactus in back of her house the Tunas are the size of an Apple and very dark red and so sweet…..Saludos!

  8. we have that in our country but it's green and if we want to eat it we've just to put it in water to remove thorns and then peel it off and eat it

  9. outdoor outcast

    can they be eaten raw?

  10. You seem to use tongs a lot in your videos.  Uhhhhh Why not just carry tongs instead of making them every video?  They don't weigh much.

  11. Very nice video. A question, if you put the whole fruit in blender for smoothie the crushed seeds can be eaten?

  12. Bro seriously just rip the branches off the wood

  13. Where I'm from there called tuna fruit but their green and very sweet I just peel the skin off and it it

  14. Te camera man or woman is kinda slow reacted its like they dont wont 2 do it m9 but im glad ur still makn vids

  15. lol I live near the Rio Grande river

  16. Yo Bro, great to see a brown guy interested in making bushcraft and outdoor survival videos, keep it up, we're watching ya.

  17. Freedom Bushcraft

    pretty cool. I have been meaning to try them and just haven't yet.

  18. What kind of cactus can you eat the leaves from? This one? Would you roast it like the cactus apple you just did? This is interesting for me since I visit the desert. Where are you, in Arizona?

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