Deer Hunting for Food in Epic Snow Storm Surviving The Blizzard HawgTV

Deer Hunting for Food in Epic Snow Storm Surviving The Blizzard HawgTV

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February 2 2011 Lake County Illinois NW 25-40mph. 23 degrees Heavy Snow (20 inches). Barometer 30.30 Falling, New Moon 1% of the Moon is Illuminated. Surviving The Blizzard of 2011 The View of the animals at the SUPER FEEDERS on Wednesday morning, the tail end of the blizzard of 2011. … Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com
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  1. Mohammad Shah Nawaz Khan

    this video is just amazing….i wish i can go somewhere like this.

  2. My Opinion of #CWD?  Well … I can only really speak with any real knowledge of it in my immediate area.  I have never seen it in my area I have a buddy that filmed a deer an hour west of Lake County Illinois where I live, that looked to have the symptoms of CWD. That area and this area both  #FEED the deer even know there are laws in place in Illinois to prevent that. Even with those "NO feeding laws" the INDR officers  only tell feeding violator to place the feed up off the ground.  Those instructions by the INDR officers only instruct to elevate a couple feet, well within reach of the #deer. Most of the deer feed under the bird feeders for those that don't  actually #TRY to feed the deer. If you are asking my #EDUCATED opinion. I believe the Insurance lobbyist dictate much of what happens all over this corrupt nation! Just listen to what Don Donald J. Trump says about lobbyist and it should give you a good indication what happens. I would assume you've read the same articles about CDW originating out WEST. and that is #CLOSER to where they feed the deer.  I invented the #SUPER Feeder  to circumvent all bullshit laws years ago!

  3. William WAGENER

    Love your outdoor scenes…. great videography. thanks. Did you use a tape less video cam? those squirrels seem to know you were there, keeping a wary eye on you.

  4. TheChangeInTime

    Real survivalists 😉 Neat animals and good capture !

  5. TROPHY BASS HUNT With Brett Richardson

    I miss the heavy snow from back home. Nice videos!

  6. Bless um,, Thanks for sharing :)

  7. HawgNSonsUnlimited

    Great show as always!

  8. HawgNSons Unlimited

    That's just great entertainment! 

  9. Extreme!

  10. trent schneider

    @dav1099 … Thanks! Yes, out back here!

  11. trent schneider

    @HDMann292 … Thanks a bunch!

  12. trent schneider

    @krazy45cat … Thanks bro!

  13. Great vid :)

  14. Very Cool video!
    This out your back door?
    keep those vids comming.


  15. Great Video !

  16. trent schneider

    Live The Dream!

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