DayZ | Thirsk | Ep1: Surviving in the Snow

DayZ | Thirsk | Ep1: Surviving in the Snow

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S1ippery Jim plays the cool new map for DayZ called Thirsk. This map has a snowy winter environment. It is a medium sized map with very sparse towns. In this playthrough I give you an overview of some of the key locations in the map and see how long I can survive solo. The gameplay here is from version 1.0 of the map.

Download and info here:

DayZ is an epic mod for the PC game Arma II CO. More info on DayZ including download files can be found here:

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  1. Yours sound like some tool for vasectomy :(

  2. Mountain Dew is bad luck

  3. BerdyevCreations

    Infestation MMO sucks.

  4. Or a Texas famous bandit

  5. 5:33 look at his Shawow. Awesome :)

  6. Warz sucks

  7. when i played thirsk it wasnt snow

  8. not to be an ass. but you're name sounds like a type of condom. just sayin :/

  9. you can still dupe any item @ 5:00 

  10. just download dayz commander at daymod com

  11. Andrew Johansen

    This guy is trash :

  12. great first impressions of the map and you and your channel 🙂 – great work 

  13. The very brave little santabuddies.

  14. lol u didn't actually check his backpack there, you only opened your own. the dead guys i mean, with the m16.

  15. It's now on DayZCommander :-)

  16. such a good video review mate really loved it you should become a youtube partner


  18. now on DayZ commander :D

  19. hackers are getting less common as well as the things some servers use wont allow you to pull up your menue after you have injected your hacks

  20. SnapYoTestiezzz

    Yes i think this is made by us finns, not sure tho but places are in our language atleast.

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