Dayz Standalone: The First Night Is Over – Survival Basics [Episode 3 Daytime]

Dayz Standalone: The First Night Is Over – Survival Basics [Episode 3 Daytime]

- in Survival Basics

Dayz Standalone: The First Night Is Over – Survival Basics [Episode 3 Daytime]. The first night is over and I need to meet up with my squad. I’m searching for some weapons and also talking about some key concepts to survive in the game. I hope you guys like this video and if you did please click that thumbs up button and subscribe! Show your support for this series if you like the video! Thanks!

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  1. airsoftdutch2000

    MORE DAYZ!!!!

  2. airsoftdutch2000


  3. an tipe the  orage bulding wit the 2 doors back end front is the best plays toe find guns

  4. Neldyia Senrose

    fucking bored this vid -_- not intersting

  5. no offense to ya but you passed alot of good loot or possible loot because you didnt check it. that green clothing in the second fire station was a vest which overlays on your hoodie to give you more storage. 8 slots to be percise. its probably why you are the sniper and not someone who goes in and loots.

  6. i have been looking for a backpack 3 hours now but havent found one XD found can openers and camo pants (more slots) but no bp

  7. Lol, ur such a noob! Great vid eNtaK!

  8. there was 2 magazines in that building lol…

  9. Why did you walk past the assault vest under the stairs at the end of the video?

  10. Scoped Mosins go for like, six-hundred right now.
    Just sold ours for five-fifty.. I promised myself I wouldn't dry…

  11. cant wait for the next video!

  12. Hey entak! I got a tip for you. Try to scout building before you run in and stay off the roads

  13. there was a axe at the fire station!!!

  14. Entak, at 14:07 you could've picked up that knife to use as a melee weapon.

  15. Bugs me when you don't take the ballistic vests..

  16. I could not be more excited, Ive been planning on making a gaming PC for a few months now and the Day i get it up and going, DayZ standalone comes out!

  17. what are your frames like? better or worse than arma 2 dayz?

  18. is it just me or does entak's character look like eminem?

  19. I dont like how much stuff you/most youtubers miss when looting. I guess because you are talking to your self you are distracted.

  20. Surfingisapassion

    This series is real good and I'm looking forward to the next vid

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