Day 50. Plants grown in bottles. Surviving snow and taking the tops off. Final update!

Day 50. Plants grown in bottles. Surviving snow and taking the tops off. Final update!

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Well, the experiment with starting plants in bottles in the winter is finally over. There were ups and downs, and pros and cons. It was a fun thing to try though.
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  1. Sonnie's Garden

    This is my first year doing this, yours look great.

  2. That is amazing to see them covered in snow and then to see them when the snow melted.

  3. The Gardening Addict Channel

    Ha, doesn't sound like you're convinced it was worth it.. I will at least try it on some perennial flowers. Thanks for sharing and keep growing, T.

  4. Gardening in Missouri

    Gotta love Midwest weather…Rain one min snow the next..

  5. Cultivating Organic by Jo & Mig

    Very nice experiment.  I just might try some lettuce in a bottle next winter:-)

  6. TheEmptynester planting Seeds of Hope

    That was an interesting experiment. Sorry to see you got some of that snow. We were missed in Missouri.

  7. Desert Plants of Avalon

    This was such a brilliant experiment to try, and very interesting following through the progress on how they were doing 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing it with us Jim and sending you heaps of love and happy growing from right across the Emerald Isle and have a FANTASTIC Wednesday today XXXXX <3

  8. Thanks for sharing the experiment. Cheers.

  9. thanks for sharing that experiment. I think I might try the bottle thing next winter. have to accumulate some first. tfs

  10. I've been v pleased with the quality of seedlings in bottles. Mine are v strong and v healthy looking. I will do loads more next year. Thanks for the update.

  11. Permaculture Homestead

    ive seen a lotta my northern friends have success with the bottles during the cold snap.  Nice update tfs.

  12. man that snow makes me shudder, all this snow popping up everywhere has me backing off my transplanting some stuff outside

  13. awesome thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  14. Thanks for the update on the "Winter Sowings" I agree with you, I think that most of what survived were "Cold Weather Crops" and some flowers. I did not have a great success with mine to be honest, so wont be doing it again. It was kind of convenient though, with giving me more space in the spring. I think it would depend largely, on your temperature zone though to get a better success rate. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Take care, Jim.

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