Cycling Survival 1 – How to cycle in the mountains – Climbing Technique

Cycling Survival 1 – How to cycle in the mountains – Climbing Technique

- in Survival In Mountains

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Gain an insight into the basics of Sportive Cycling techniques in 5 How To Cycle episodes available from Cyclefilm. This informative video guide takes you thru competitive climbing/descending techniques, Ride Preparation, Bike Set-up, Bicycle Maintenance and Packing. Narrated by UK endurance rider and Sportive Specialist Michael Cotty from Cannondale.

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Don’t Dream it, Do it – Cyclefilm Founder/Director Markus Neuert
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  1. what  front/rear gears do we use for climbing mountains ?

  2. Well my cadence is below 60 rpm round 45. I am pushing a 53 18 hear up a 6 percent gradient for 8 miles. If I were to up my cadence to 90 rpms, I'd be a world champion.

  3. Very smooth technique when out of saddle, I hope to mimic that one day!

  4. Your bicycle looks too big for you??

  5. a no crap training tip.

  6. really great and informative vid but the music is annoying and distracting. thankyou!

  7. At last someone has made a great video on ; "Riding in the mountains ". Thanks !  


  8. your climbing was no where near 90 rpm

  9. Which Training Camp

    As the Mountain season approaches, many cyclists will be heading to either the Alps or the Pyrenees. How best to tackle these monsters?

    Good luck

    #cycling   #cyclingtips  

  10. this video is recording in dolomiten alpy ? der strase 🙂 

  11. I ADORE climbing! Luckily, I live in a hilly (so to say) area.

  12. Climbing out of the saddle on the inner corner in most famous Belgian climbes won't work, you won't have enough grip to not slide away on the cobbled climbs. Always stay seated on cobbled climbs to maximize traction on your rear wheel.

  13. Thanks for the advice. Going to a mountain trip next month. Hope our coach lets us enjoy the view as well. 

  14. Looks really nice an smooth when you're climbing! 😀
    Cool video!

  15. Excellent

  16. Whats does he mean when he says "stay over the gear" ?

  17. Good advice, good video, there's alot of chest beating in some of these advice videos – this was a refreshing change!

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