Crock jug made on the creek, wilderness survival

Crock jug made on the creek, wilderness survival

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Making a Crock jug, made at the creek, clay from creek bank, made the old way, water jug,water container Basic wilderness survival, Camping tips.
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  1. I would have sworn that your jug wouldn't fire without damage

  2. Good job!

  3. OMG lol! but how? LOL''''' you make it seems so simple man!!! mine just explode like a bomb… it's so sad haha! you done a great job any tips? rlly i put inside the fire and my jug just gone BOOM and explode, i let it dry for 3 days and then i put fire and bang it's gone… oh yeah i removed all tiny rocks of my clay…

  4. I feed it more wood on tell it was hot enough.

  5. How is that camp fire hot enough to fire clay?

  6. Your welcome.

  7. Amazing. Thanks for the knowledge.

  8. Clay will stay together like play doh when it's wet..

  9. wow that is an awesome skill! really useful in a shtf! just one quick question how do you know if its clay mud or silt? are most riverbeds made of clay? thanx
    also can clay be made into weapons such as spear heads or arrow tips or even knives

  10. Never would've known. Thank you sir, I will now try this in my backyard to see if I have basic survival skills. Cool jug by the way.

  11. never has pottery been so manly!

  12. Thanks I plan to live off the land when I am eighteen. I use the internet to lean new skills because I don't have a dad to teach me that stuff.

  13. Thank you for teaching me that!!! :)

  14. Yes it was fun.

  15. cockney sparrow A.K.A shewolf

    just fantastic tim,seems like a lot of fun.

  16. Yes you can.

  17. Your welcome.

  18. Leikela ClimbTree

    Everyday I am surrounded by traffic, city lights, electronics, and over-priced items laced with chemicals…I find myself pulling further away from it. It is embarrassing when I see people who can't make anything from scratch. I use to be one of them…not anymore. I traded my snobbery for skills. I love it!!!!! Thank You Tim Jones for teaching admirable, note-worthy survival skills. Ok, I gotta go watch the rest of your vids now!!!

  19. ExpressPrescription

    this is so cool

  20. Thank you Jimbo. 

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