Cool Survival Food 101 – Learn to Harvest, Eat and Like Slimy Sea Snails – AKA – Knobbed Whelks

Cool Survival Food 101 – Learn to Harvest, Eat and Like Slimy Sea Snails – AKA – Knobbed Whelks

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Cool Survival Food 101 - Learn to Harvest, Eat and Like Slimy Sea Snails - AKA - Knobbed Whelks

David shows you how to harvest, prepare and eat one of the most plentiful coastal survival foods in the world… the Sea Snail… AKA… the Knobbed Whelk. Various types of sea snails can be easily gathered in the Spring and the Fall of each year and make a very high protein, and tasty survival food source, if you ever find yourself needing to rough it in a coastal region.

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  1. The truth is we have never been more disconnected from life, from the world, from the soil, from the trees, and from our own souls. Prepere ? try this guide

  2. 2 of those werent knobbed whelks they were lightning whelks

  3. you should show how you harvest them…

  4. sheet, I have to buy fuel?

  5. i used the banging thing on my survival knife aniting it d the blade broke of when i was hiting it with a stick please tell me y this happend Ultimate Survival Tips

  6. Michel van Hartingsveldt

    youre not a survivalist, youre as picky as a 4 year old, and you bring some kind of boiling system with you to prepare it.

  7. lockobilly cats garcia perez

    Nunca lo e probado 

  8. David. Can you please tell me where to get a ultimate survival tips shirt ?!?!?

  9. Mark e.g. smith

    Would you recommend this as a snack at the beach? And how do they taste without the seasoning and butter?

  10. Michel van Hartingsveldt

    don't let them stay in the burning sun for so long! it's seafood, and that needs to be cool, cause otherwise it gets uneatable. and just stick it in you mouth, 

  11. Thanks for all the great videos. Just watched the two edible plants videos too. There seems to be an appalling lack of WINTER wild edibles videos. The only food I've seen that is edible in winter is rock tripe and insects and possibly (RISKY) ice fishing. Could you (and Dr. Joe?) do a video on EDIBLE INSECTS (summer or winter – but ESPECIALLY winter edibles)? I'd like to know how to tell 1) what insects are edible 2) which ones actually taste good – from what I've heard, most are very good tasting and 3) how to tell which ones to avoid. Since it's november and the ground is covered with snow and is FROZEN –  survival foods in the ground are unavailable. So I wonder, what one is to eat in a survival situation in winter. If you do summer insects etc., I'd also like to know about snakes and amphibians (I know frogs are YUMMY). I'd be curious to know what you've learned or can find out. THANK YOU. 

  12. Offtrailed Dino

    I thought those are extremely poisonous cone snails,which are going to kill you with a that badass stinger.

  13. If you are going to eat food from the sea in an emergency, make sure to pack some tactical butter in your bugout bag. 

  14. Does this works with mountain or forest snails?

  15. Machens Manly Adventures

    What's you top pick for 1 knife 

  16. Ew, South Carolina.

  17. 123DwyaneWade456

    Oddly enough, this made me hungry

  18. e did not show it going into his mouth

  19. With the whelks being almost pure protein does the problem exsist as with rabbits lean meat poisoning i belive its called

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