Condor Survival Tools

Condor Survival Tools

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Kentucky Lake Prepper:




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  1. I have Condors too. Theyre like the heavy duty version of Mora when you consider quality and price.
    However, in my experience my 1075 Condor knives do chip a lot while my 1095 knives do not while doing the same hard tasks so thats something to look out for if youre planning on pounding on some very hard wood, nut shells, hard roots, etc.

  2. I have the bushlore knife. Excellent wrl made tool!

  3. I see you have hole on shovel and machete what for?

  4. ienjoybourbon321

    A forty oz to freedom is the only chance I have!

  5. Then dont watch.

  6. That large blade is nice looking, because it said used all over it. from the stains on the blade to the wood which looks a little worn.
    To me an ugly nice is a clean knife well a pretty knife is a worn and used knife. Because a tool and/or a weapon should show it's colors by saying it's been used and abused and not treated like someones baby.

  7. Condor uses 1075 for its knives and 1045 for it's axes. 1075 is considered a high carbon steel. 1045 is kinda sorta on the border between mid-carbon and high carbon.

  8. Its 1075 so it isn't phenomenal at edge retention. What condor got right was the blade geometry, which is more important for wood processing than hair popping sharpness.

  9. Any chance of you doing a video on crossbows? An over looked weapon that would really be useful in a SHTF situation. Almost silent, arrows are reusable, possibility of making new arrows.

  10. Hey brother if you clean up that shovel and treat it with FrogLube, it will keep it from rusting, I switched to FrogLube about a year ago and now I use it on everything.

  11. awesome shirt!

  12. Condor does both stainless and carbon steel products.

  13. does condor make high carbon steel?

  14. antisigmaperiestigmeno

    dude you are turning in a commercial channel

  15. So essentially you're spending 300 dollars on knives that can't even out perform 1075 carbon steel ? lol That's really sad.

    There are knives less than 1/3 that amount that easily surpass 1075 in edge holding. While still being plenty tough. Such as Rowen's HT'd 1095.

  16. Big chopper is called the Pack Golok.

    FWIW, Best machete I ever used was BHK's Outdoors Machete. Blade part made by Imacasa (Condor's parent company). Imacasa makes excellent machetes. They definitely know how to get the best out of 1075 carbon steel.

    I've been eyeing the Condor Kephart (knife on the left), probably get one eventually.

  17. Just a little tip, if you grind a little bit of a tip on that shovel and sharpen the edge to about a 45 deg. angle it will make a world of difference in the way it cuts into the dirt. Love your videos BTW. Thanks!

  18. Didn't see top review until after I posted. Sorry!

  19. I myself own 3 condor knives and am very happy with them. However you neglected to mention that Condor knives, machetes, and axes are made with carbon steel so you need to oil them periodically. I use mineral oil because I use one of my knives to cut my meat when I'm outdoors.

  20. What is Chester's profession? Torture? 🙂

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