Cold Weather Survival Shelter

Cold Weather Survival Shelter

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An excellent shelter that I came up with, which is made from simple, lightweight materials that are cheap to acquire. This shelter sets up fast, provides good cover, reflects heat, and in conjunction with a fire could save you from hypothermia.

In this video I demonstrate how to set up this shelter, and demonstrate it’s heat trapping ability on a cold day.
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  1. TheThirdLantern

    Thanks for this video. Attitude + knowledge = survival.

  2. regardless…., he survived. Just learn and live. Great video.

  3. Save your money and buy a 4 season tent.

  4. Ur doin fine man good job

  5. Enjoyed the video, thanks!

  6. Glenn Cunningham

    Overall a good vid. eo Bro.

  7. Boy, you're ass would be wolf meat if you ever got lost.

  8. Van The Aviation Guy ilovefrench07

    Thank u for inspiring about this tutorial man it just convince me to try what ive learned from u. Ignore the haters. Internet world is just like that get used to it. Keep doin vid for those in need of a lil knowledge u can share with us. Cheers brother! -Van

  9. Darrens Wildcamping

    not bad my friend

  10. Learn how to use a watch with hands too tell what direction True South is if in the Northern hemisphere. Find North in the Southern Hemisphere. Or use a stick in the ground . Basic stuff. I carry 2 button compasses and a larger one that I can NAVIGATE  with. But my watch work rather well and it is a old wind up type. No dead battery's! In the North look at the night sky and find the North Star!  If you do not know how too do that google it and memorize it! Could save your life! Or during the day go to the highest hill you can find and build your camp just down hill. Then when it is dark scan the horizon for a light or light pollution and mark it with 2 sticks in the ground. Then in daylight walk in that direction.  Or listen for road noise and walk that way.

  11. Get off his fucking back if you can do better show us 

  12. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..

  13. On second thought regarding the editing, it looks like you did do a lot of it.  In many ways that is better, depending on the viewer's experience of actually doing this.  I see your shelter as a good temporary windbreak and adequate for emergencies just as you demonstrate.  Sure, I'd add leaves inside and out and build a better fire and all but when I'm out "playing" I usually don't record it.  20 degrees can be cold even if you dress for it but that's a common temperature scenario.  Fires do require stoking all night and you don't get good sleep but then it's "survive til rescue", right?  As long as you stay alive until dawn that's all that's really important.

  14. I actively practice things like this.  I have a dozen different packs, some with hatchets, others w/ or w/o knives, some with a small tarp, others with trash bags, etc.  When I go out to "play" I never know which bag I have until I open it…and then I begin to improvise.  Perhaps one bag doesn't have a rope, for example.  I like your name, survive until rescued, as that is what happens when you're dropped or flopped into some bad situation until you can get out of it.  I'll try this style with a larger tarp or plastic sheet.   The only thing that really detracted me was the lack of editing which made the video a bit too long.  Good job, though, keep at it and have fun.

  15. The Survival Outpost

    Nice setup using the paracord as attachments!

  16. a ground pad composed of some debris would improve the effectiveness

  17. Digging a Dakota fire hole gets a lot more heat out of much less wood, stacking plenty of stones around the heat will radiate the warmth much better especially if it is windy

  18. To prevent getting lost handheld gps with extra batteries will work wonders & take up less space & relatively cheap, get two in case one breaks. For dopes who lose both gps units or can't find a store that'll accept food stamps, start carrying a few extra pounds in your backpack in the shape of a small tent & sleeping bag. Kudo's on at least having a cigarette lighter, leave that flint crap for the indians. 

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