Catching wild trout by tickling and pipe method – survival skills

Catching wild trout by tickling and pipe method – survival skills

- in Survival Skills

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00:00 Introduction and explanation of the methods
02:00 Setting the pipes and finding purple quartz
03:50 Checking the pipes and finding more wildlife
05:15 The pool of YEEEEEEESSSSS!
06:48 Orchid and another pool
08:15 Second attempt and more success
08:52 Slow worm
09:15 Outro
10:50 Outtakes

Harkila Pro-Hunter boots:
Maxpedition Condor II backpack:

Wild food / animal tracks & signs:
Willow fish trap:
Willow shelter:
Summer fly fishing video:
Survival shelter building:
Building an igloo:

Panasonic HC-VX870 HD camcorder
+Rode stereo microphone:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover:
JVC Everio quad proof HD camcorder:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover (opened up and held between tripod and camera base)
Zomei Z666 tripod:
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI mini tripod:

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  1. singleman jimbo

    I really enjoy your videos. Mainly I watch different practitioners to see others' takes on the methods other than what I use. I find it fantastic that you are passing this knowledge on to your boy. If I had the chance to have any parts of my life to do again, I would choose the times I spent with MY sons in the wild just so that I could enjoy them again. None of this 'do-over' to fix regrets for me!

  2. blurlple lol that made me chuckle! I live in south west Scotland, that purple quartz is stunning, I love to collect stones with the family. if I could arrange to get a purple quartz fae ye that would be smashin

  3. Um, you need a bigger pipe!

  4. Loving your videos, where abouts in the uk are you from? I'm from Durham myself

  5. Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors

    Great video Richard! I have never seen that method used when catching fish… very interesting!

  6. What is Roe Deer??

  7. Awesome video as always :)

  8. Lol! Of course we're watching; it's because you talk about interesting stuff in beautiful places!

  9. Hello Pondguru I like very much your video. In France we say when you get a toad in your garden fortune will come!!! Bye

  10. Cheers for the swift delivery of the filter media.

  11. Маша Играет в Куклы

    Excellent my friend.Thanks for nice sharing. All the best My like 🙂 Anis* Subscribe me if you like Please

  12. Funny ) I subbed and liked ) Subback please )

  13. top bloke you should have your own show TV

  14. Electronicpoacher1

    well Richard I must say of all the youtube videos around you certainly now how to explain and make the videos interesting,,there again i am bias with the accent lol ATB (richie)

  15. I get to retire a lot earlier than most and it's only 1 and a half years away.. I'll be out there every day.
    keep posting the vids.

  16. Owen's Aquariums

    Do you think you'll ever do aquarium videos again? I would love to see some more.

  17. I never heard of the pipe method of catching trout Richard. You did get one which makes for a good vid. GL&HH

  18. very nice video! you've encountered a lot of animals and beautiful nature. . it was a pleasure to watch!
    all the best,

  19. Nice to see youngsters out and about rather than in front of a screen of some sort. Sounds like your lad had a great time

  20. Well done!

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