Canadian SHTF Survival: Rocky Mountains

Canadian SHTF Survival: Rocky Mountains

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Canadian SHTF Survival: Rocky Mountains

A tour of the Canadian Rockie Mountains with commentary on survival matters.
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  1. One just have to look at the Canmore floods of 2014. The road was block and nothing was able to pass. Since the discovery of that pass no other passage have been found8). That section of highway one , especially Rogers pass were the most expensive to built. Still today Avalanche pose great danger. As to survive, they are great I believe if your prepare. For example during WWII they keep prisoner free in kana skis country, cause if anyone that would escape wouldn't survive.full of resource but also of danger but I guess 4legs one in a disaster could be less dangerous then the 2 legs 8)

  2. Old Soul Wandering

    As a farm boy and hunter who loves the outdoors I would love to get lost(as in live) in the rockies and never see another human being, This video is so beautiful,one day soon I hope to be standing in that land.Thank you CP.

  3. Beautiful land…One of the main things needed to survive is shelter…Then you worry about water and food..If its freezing outside and your in one of these garbage bag shelters your already dead…A real shelter will have to be made for long term survival…the log cabin you spoke about will have to be built.

  4. Just imagine the number of times humans could have argued for global warming since the last ice age. Well I guess that's ok for some who make their living shuffling papers and typing nonsense into a PowerPoint presentation. In the real world we need motors to drive transport and food production.

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