Camping-Backpacking / Survival Food Ideas and Overview

Camping-Backpacking / Survival Food Ideas and Overview

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Camping Food Ideas. This video gives an overview of different types of foods that can be used when camping. By pointing out some items that can be purchased at you local store instead of more expensive freeze dried type camping foods. In addition it also outlines what type of food to take on the different types of camping or hiking / backpacking trips.

I hope this video is helpful.

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  1. Your a nice find. Very informative and helpful. I did feel sorry for the dog. I hope he got his ball at some point. :-)

  2. Wynand Koegelenberg

    Great ideas all! But when I need a break from "Civilization", I pack my backpack, hit the road in my beat up 95 Jeep and go solo. Sometimes all one needs is solitude. I head for mountains, trails, jungle, beach; wherever there is seclusion. My kit is great for a week; even though I only plan to be away for 5 days. Everything I need I carry in my backpack; from mini tent to toothbrush. Also food. I am ex-military; so one would expect that I carry MRE's for meals. No I don't. They suck! Too much wastage. I only carry cans. Anything in cans: tuna, corned beef, sardines, mixed vegetables, mixed fruit, whatever is in a can. And a few candy bars for high sugar intake. I am trying to get away from it all; not having a Starbucks coffee is part of it. Cans are easy: eat it cold; eat it hot – your choice. Minimal effort. Also; it is good for the environment. You stomp that empty can into a circle and put it back in your pack for later. No plastic waste. Did I "have enough caloric intake" whilst I was roughing it? Of course not! I was hungry. BUT IT WAS ONLY FOR FIVE DAYS. I experienced nature in solitude, did not starve, got energized and craved a large steak. Why do we need so much? When so little will sustain us?

  3. this is not camping

  4. Dehydrate those beans, vacuum pack and they are much lighter to carry.

  5. 2 words Dollar Store that's a good source for the foods you are showing, thanks for the review

  6. FaZeClAnFail -,, and Anything

    Don't Get me wrong I love canned food especially on CAMPING trip. But if you're on a backpacking trip cans aren't a very good idea considering a guy in my Boy Scout troop brought a quart can of peaches XD And since this is my preference and is biased I really don't think 2 cups of water for mashed potatoes is worth it 😛 Overall great list ;)

  7. I have been researching the Mountain House and Wise foods but they are very misleading. At $7 or more dollars per pkg I can do better myself and pack a box in the small camper(Runaway Camper)This video is great and helps a bit, Thanks

  8. very nice dog and great information thanks friend

  9. Im 5'7" about 180lbs and I probably eat more than you. I eat more than alot of bigger guys.

  10. Great video.

  11. Really helpful and enjoyed as well.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Do you use much 5.11 products when camping ?

  13. This video is really helpful! Thank you!

  14. There's no pot?

  15. This is the closest video to what I've been looking for.  I was hoping one of the doomsday preppers would do a video showing (every single kind of dried food) there is available that you can either eat instantly or just add water.  

  16. Awesome food ideas that are easy on the budget! The people of Coleman must be a bunch of vegans. I have not seen one meal that has meat in it.

  17. beautiful lab !!!

  18. Great tips 🙂 Love your dog, he's adorable :)

  19. Screw all that. I'm gonna stick to bark lol 

  20. Hello doggee

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