Californians Figure Out Winter Hacks

Californians Figure Out Winter Hacks

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“Winters in LA are really bad… at night I have to wear sweatpants to bed.”

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Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella / Winter Reveries
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  1. I used to live in CA and then I moved to MI and when it snowed I was like,"…hm…great."

  2. this was quite entertaining to watch as a New Englander lol

  3. M. Stroud (Meeshee)

    Reasons WHY I miss Cali. I've survived real winters but DAMN! I REALLY can't stand it and never got used to it!

  4. 79 degrees is like a heat wave for us. So many people are swimming in the pool or lakes. Like 40 degrees for us is shorts weather.

  5. Try being in marching band in Indiana and it's snowing and you have no choice but the play and you have to wear your thin uniforms. Put the hand warmers in your toes and your bra and then once you're done playing stick your hands in your bra

  6. I'm from Michigan the things that experienced is nothing

  7. Oh my gosh, Californians are so adamant that they could handle the winter, but watching this video really makes me think otherwise

  8. Pixelated Polar Bear

    79 degrees fahrenheit is 26 degrees Celsius! I would be wearing a tshirt and shorts!


  10. you can also use kitty litter to weigh down the back of your car so you won't fish flop all over the road

  11. Madeleine Lavelle Ericsson

    On my birthday it is always -16 degrees

  12. Kiren Balakrishnan

    Bruh the Bay Area isn't always that sunny.

  13. Spring/summer clothing means its about 0 degrees after being in the negatives for a while. Everyone dresses like it's the middle of summer when that happens.

  14. Come up to Montana. I would love to see how they deal with -40 weather.

  15. I feel bad for the cars… Ours hardly have rusted bottoms

  16. Kristin Chambers

    I remember watching a video and they said it -20 and I was like that normal were I live for winter

  17. I want them to experience an upper peninsula of Michigan winter

  18. I used to learn in Canada for about 6 years.. Im exictednfor einter in claifornia

  19. I was laughing because I live in the mountains of Colorado

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