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  1. 4 directions bushcraft

    Good verity of tools

  2. NorthernSelfReliance

    The auger is easy enough to make. I bought a 3/4" auger and cut a piece of pipe and welded it onto the auger. It cost me $16 dollars to make. I'm not sure where to buy them that's why I made my own.

  3. Thanx for sharing your tools, very nice, lately I just go out for a hot cup of coffee on the open fire to me it just doesn't get any better it seems I say that alot but it's true coffee on the open fire is great, also I can grill a steak and bake a potato and break bread with friends, I also like to scout and look for fatwood, I use to be a 3knife carry guy and on my extended trip's I would go 4knives carry until recently I picked up a Wicked Tough Saw made by Wicked Tree Gear one of the better compact saw made in my opinion, I also backpack my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet which on one bit I can chop with it and the other bit I can split wood it's extremely compact but it's not a toy 2Hawks also make great Tomahawks and I also have other ax, I also just got my Rodent 6 from the Swamp Rat Custom Shop I had it thinned down and the top gaurd taken off and now it look's like a beefy Ratmandu on steriods I plan to pair it off with my Rodent Solution usually I will take these knives for a camp outing and bring my Rodent Rucki with me to either clear a camp or to clear a shooting lane but lately I don't hunt except I like to bird hunt, but my Rucki is a great bush tool because it has a choil so I don't have to look for a knife to finish the job and I can baton with it it's my Katana Machete a very good defence tool also, the rest of my gear is similar to yours it just depends how much I bring depends on the trip, my Rodent 9 I paired off with my Ratmandu and my Rodent 7 with my Rodent 4 which is the knives of choice lately both have choil's which I like on my knives because I can choke up on my knife better and it's more versital like two knives in one, a Leatherman Charge TTi , my military shovel that has the swivel head a medical kit, water containers dehydrated food unless we're going out for coffee and steak, the size of the pack varies with the type of trip and the things I bring and how we get to our destination, right now in my area it has a wind chill advisory with temperature well below zero so I'm just surfing the Tube smoking my stoggie and watching Boston kick but against Chicago Hockey, but I would rather be making my hot coffee and feeding my face in the great out of door's and just kicking and scouting the area, I really enjoy scouting an area that's why my gear has to be good enough so I can trust my life on it, normally my larger knife is on person unless I take 9" chopper/survival knife I'll molle that on my pack because I usually pair it off with a mid size blade, but in my Rodent 7 paired with my Rodent 4 I will carry the R 7 on person just incase I'm seperated from my pack, I'm glad I found your video because I enjoy learning and ti see what other guys suggest like the chisel and drill very good review and Thanx alot M8.

  4. great tool kit . and great videos : )

  5. Français svp au Québec !

  6. Bushcraft Quebec

    Yea but can you CARRY ?

  7. maui free diver

    the more you know the less you carry

  8. Nice video. But too many tools for bcraft in my opinion. For svival ok. 

  9. Bacon Von Baconstien

    Great video. I like seeing other people have multiple edged tools. I can never limit myself to just one knife because blades chip and snap at the worst times!!

  10. Christina Ayala

    My husband is trying to figure out what the name of the tool you use for drilling holes. Our computer has low quality sound.

  11. Bushcraft Quebec

    yes make a handle to fit through the eye of the auger !!

  12. love the kit….i can see you go out and use the stuff…..i hate people who show there kits and they are full of stuff that is brand new and never seen the outdoors.

  13. Barefoot Spectralowl

    An auger, why didn't I ever think about this. Instant subscribe.

  14. I've been looking for a scotch eyed auger for a long time. Can't find any. Please, if you know a place where I can get one, I'll appreciate if you share it.

  15. Beautiful Machete..good size..like

  16. bushcraftkid100

    Wow this video got better and better as you went on, first the auger bit, then a chisel, and then an Enzo trapper, one of the best bushcraft knives out there, I have the D2 scandi version. I always thought I was the only one carrying an auger, (I carry three sizes and a bit brace in my base camp/canoe box) and a chisel. Another tool I carry and find quite useful is a draw knife. All of these tools stay in my canoe box/bag, for repairs and or building more permanent structures.

  17. Bravo. I need to add tools such as an auger, chisel and crook knife to my kit.

  18. There should be no issue with weight if you’re carrying it with a military belt. Wearing military field suspenders would make it even easier. You have a good tool selection, but you’re missing a small file and wire cutters/pliers. If your small pack is too heavy, distribute the weight, by dividing it into two small packs on your belt. Or you can ditch the axe sharpener, and the Chinese sharpener. All you need is a good stone, and a file to take out bad nicks. Thx for the video.

  19. its crook knife not crooked knife

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