Bushcraft Survival Skills, Cattail on the Cob and Cattail Pollen Wild Food.

Bushcraft Survival Skills, Cattail on the Cob and Cattail Pollen Wild Food.

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Bushcraft Survival Skills, Cattail on the Cob and Cattail Pollen Wild Food.

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  1. Not to mention that the leaves can be used as is to make quick baskets…and when dried and wetted, they can be woven into a more resilient albeit "soft" basket. The Kahniankehaka (Mohaw) were renowned for their basket weaving skills, and the cattail was among the plants they used for that purpose.

  2. Your a very lucky man, looks like your raising those boys right.

  3. Francisco Arenas

    I never knew cattails could be so useful! I'm really excited to find some cattails and try them!

  4. got about 10 cobs Im gonna cook and try tonight.  I also cut up some young shoots that I finally figured out on pulling out.  I'll fry them with some butter and salt.  I've also got about the same amount of pollen as you did in that video as well as a ton of tubers, I'm going to prepare into a bannack flour.  Hope it all works out good :P

  5. Shawn …question…
    I have seen that you reach down in the center stalk near the roots and pull a shoot out if you want to munch on the bottom section of the shoot.  I have cattail here at work and I thought I'd try one.  For the life of me I could not pull one out.  I'm a 250lb country boy and could not pull the shoot out.  Literally two handed it and nothing! lol  Was curious if I was doing something wrong?

  6. Primal Outdoors

    That was very interesting I always knew about the root but this was all new to me.


  7. Well done Shawn!  That is the best cattail harvest and prep & cook video I have seen.

  8. Awesome Shawn! Thanks for breaking down the process and for showing the different stages of the cat tail flower. This was exactly what I was looking for.

  9. A truly useful plant: I've used it to make arrows and a basket quiver. I just wish I could find a pristine water source to harvest it for food.

  10. This is very interesting. I don't believe I've seen them here around TX…maybe in some places? At least not here in central TX. The cattail is has so many uses! Interesting how the pollen can be used as like a thickener, never would have thought about that! How cool! Thank you for all the info!

  11. Lol, this is awesome!

  12. Great video! On the subject of food. I live in the eastern Great Basin and have a lot of pinion pine. I've wanted to make a flour out of the pine nuts I harvest. Do you have any experience with processing pine nuts?

  13. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know you could eat cat tails! I have try it sometime.

  14. Great video, I see a lot of people talking about wild edibles but it is nice to see someone actually discuss how to harvest, process, and cook them.

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