Bushcraft Kids – Outdoor & Survival Skills Trip

Bushcraft Kids – Outdoor & Survival Skills Trip

- in Survival Basics

Join the “Bushcraft Kids” as they head out into the wild to learn some invaluable lessons. On this fun-filled adventure they learn & practice some basic, yet vital, survival skills… such as: How to use a ferro rod, how to start a fire with a ferro rod and natural firestarter materials, how to make a survival shelter, and many other outdoor survival skills, tips, and tricks. Most importantly of course, they have fun while doing it!


  1. Jacqui Blanchard

    That looked like a blast! Way to go, on getting them out there an keeping it fun! 

  2. des cattys (redfox des)

    Hi mate
    That vid was pucker…. those experiences are priceless and those children looked like they were having fun….cushty

  3. Melissa Christel

    My 2 year old woke up (2am) she watched it with me and loved 🙂 want to try the flint with later. She's already a little outdoors explorer

  4. Thanks Melissa 🙂

  5. Melissa Christel

    Absolutely adorable! Loved !!

  6. Those kids were so into it. That's awesome.

  7. that was great keep up the good work and teach the little ones well i would love to see the m in more videos

  8. Way to go friend! You spent time with the kids and they all looked like they had such a great time. You're a good uncle! Would that the world had more uncles like you, we'll done uncle John, well done indeed!

  9. well done, I love working with youth , they keep it real

  10. I really needed a smile today and the ending did it. The whole video was great I loved it. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Now its time for me to get outside and have some fun of my own.

  11. this is what it is all about,nothing-more-nothing less great time with the new "bushcrafters "

  12. Bear Grylls has nothing on you Sir……lol

  13. You should be scared your out numbered.
    Everybody should take kids to the woods, swamp, they need the experiences too. Good for you. Good times they will never forget it.

  14. wow that looks fun!

  15. That spear is so cool !!! You can tell they all had FUN !!!

  16. Mudtoa Outdoors

    You can hear their excitement. Uncle John! Uncle John!

  17. You are a great teacher John!

  18. this is why IDAHO rocks great vid brother..

  19. Awesome video, John! Keep up the great work… What you did with these kids was priceless.

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