Bushcraft Camp Kitchen Set Up for Wilderness Survival by Equip 2 Endure

Bushcraft Camp Kitchen Set Up for Wilderness Survival by Equip 2 Endure

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The E2E Team recently did a 3-day Camp/Get-Together. In this video Adam shows the Camp Kitchen set-up. What other features do you include in your semi-permanent camp set-up?
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  1. You are like the Zak Bagans of Bushcraft…

  2. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    This was a E2E camp out for fun. These are announced on the website when we decide to do them, and are not a scheduled class.

  3. What is the camp (class) called if I can i might sign up for it. Plz reply

  4. You should make a how-to video for making these, that would be awsome. Very cool by the way.

  5. Great job guys!

  6. Great stuff!

  7. the under bracing has plenty room for a bottom shelf.


  8. buen trabajo

  9. 5 gallons of cold water 500 feet above sea level weighs 41.73 LBS 

  10. that kid needs a constron job.5 gal of water is nothing.5 gal.pail of (Drivit) is 70lbs 5 gal of water is 37 lbs 

  11. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    We are doing another video on that it should be out in a few days.

  12. Would be neat to know a bit more about knots on table top cross pieces, like what sort of lashings, would be cool

  13. reminds me of troop camping with the girl scouts. its good to teach these skills to city folk.

  14. tried doing that with friends before, kept having to rebuild everything as other people would come along and meddle with it all and at times outright trash it.

  15. Really nice ;)

  16. now all you need is an elevated fire so you can cook standing up. when I was in the scouts we made our elevated fire at the end of our table it was nice being able to prepare our meals, cook them and clean up while standing up.

  17. Dude, sweet table – great idea – never thought about doing something like that.

  18. great table

  19. great camp, very nice job!

  20. Thanks. Nice set up.

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