Bushcraft and Survival Food, many edible things

Bushcraft and Survival Food, many edible things

- in Survival In Mountains

Waldhandwerk Eats, a Mix and collection of Outdoor Cooking, Wilderness and wildlife food. All you can eat. Some Content might be Graphic. Viewers are warned. Season Mix of foraging wild edibles. Playlist for most of the Plants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck4zlcHf8qk&list=PLo5PQ6MSOuug1VLBIPI_qkMwXfY-UNKQD
Zum rein deutschsprachigem Kanal: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2lN0oni_JeMepgjmZKZqA
https://www.facebook.com/Waldhandwerk http://waldhandwerk.de/
Waldhandwerk Bushcraft – Survival Trainings:
Bergzeit Outdoorshop: http://www.bergzeit.de?pid=215
http://bushcraft.net/ Bushcraft Blog
The Rats, Deer, chicken, Fish, Froglegs and most of the Insects are bought, we are not allowed to hunt and fisch, but in a Survival scenario they would be available in Nature
Essen aus der Natur, die Hühner müssten durch Vögel ersetzt werden 😉 + Tierische und Pflanzliche Notnahrung, zusammengesetzt aus den letzten 2 Jahren Outdoor Videos und Überlebens Trainings. Outdoor cooking, Stoneage style, fire making, knife knives Survival Trainigs Kurse. Based on the Middle European Region. Take care, learn the stuff in good courses. Plants and Mushrooms can be very poison!
Herbs, Tea, wild edible, harvesting, Kräuter Blumen essen, Tee Zubereitung. Ratten, Krokodil, Heuschrecken, Grillen, Rats, Crocodile tale, grashopper,
Keine Garantie für den Inhalt dieses Videos. No guarantee for the things in this video! TAKE CARE! Notnahrung zu allen Jahreszeiten. Camping Küche,
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  1. Amazing video

  2. DieWaffen Grenadier

    can I buy a book that shows me what types of plants I can eat us as medicine and what plants are poisonous

  3. đi du lịch vuj nhj..

  4. vieles ist auf deutsch in den buchern ! :*

  5. StrangerInAStrangeLand

    Great video! 🙂 Thx for sharing!!

  6. Du machst super Videos.Aber bitte.Warum in diesem absolut furchtbaren englisch????Warum sprichst du, genau wie Lilly, immer ich nenns mal "Englisch"?

  7. You guys are gross haha.

  8. I honestly never had insects and worms cross my mind!, pretty smart, big upvote for the educational video.

    also bonus karma points for pointing out the 3 leaf clover! the vitamin C is the reason why you would want to eat a little every day and to much of any one mineral consumed on a regular basis will cause kidney stones.

    as for edible plants that do not taste very well, for example the hops soup, you would simply fill a cloth bag full of them and submerge the whole thing under a flowing stream for 1-3 days, practice makes perfect on how you crush the contents before placing into the bag to make sure the water gets that bad flavor out.

    This can be done with many different types of seeds which can then be used to make wild bread like our ancestors did (before the process evolved into farming and modern bread as we know it).

  9. You should put the chicken in a hot boiling water in order to remove the feathers easily;-)

  10. cool video and i think i can eat all these things except rats because of diseases they often carry

  11. Hi! Danke für das Video!
    Die Regeln zum Angeln & Jagen sind in Österreich wahrscheinlich genauso wie in Deutschland oder? Dürft ihr selbst jagen? Fallenstellen ist grundsätzlich verboten vermute ich mal!?

  12. Ohhhh that baby chick SHEES WASNT READY

  13. Schirmpilz panieren wie ein Schnitzel und abraten ….MEGA LECKER

  14. 700stes Like. Total Verdient. So viel Herzblut und Freude steckt in deinem Video und in dem was du tust. Super

  15. wow u guys ate everything?

  16. awsome

  17. สึด..แดกลูกเจี๊ยบ f_ck..wath the eat loognjeab…

  18. Mongolian

  19. crickets actually are very tasty,,,,they taste like prawns

  20. How did the plants and the mice taste sepp

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