Bush Camp Long Term Winter Survival Shelter Construction

Bush Camp Long Term Winter Survival Shelter Construction

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http://www.primitiveskills.com Survival School students at the Maine Primitive Skills School practicing long term winter survival shelter skills at the “Winter Skills Weekend” build a Bushcamp based on designs used by traditional trappers here in Maine.
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  1. Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64

    Are these nubs doing mandatory community service?

  2. Pleasant Lake Pirate

    I've built that style shelter by myself in an afternoon. whats with the crew?

  3. Татьяна Курашова

    You killed so many trees. For what? You could make it much easier and does not destroy the forest.

  4. Tozhe Partizany

    The crowd of healthy adult men whole day doing house for two. They cut down a lot of live trees. Homegrown scouts behave like children.

  5. could you not be arsed to make your own rope.. from the ground…… lets just hope in your seasonal world.. that Walmart is still open and your able to buy your rope from there!

  6. Stambo In the wild

    Not too bad, like the vapor barrier design on the roof. Noticed yer wearing a lot of none-primitive clothing, lol. I'm gonna sub and check you out more.

  7. wow no way to freaking cold up there even in summer ??? not meant for humans to live there !!!! I don't even know why I'm looking at this video???

  8. And this is useful because … ?

  9. Did he say building a snow shelter will kill you? On the fuck-tard scale, that has to be up there, stupidity wise.

  10. You replied to someone below: " Consumers can be all glitzy and destructive and claim ignorance"

    You killed at least 76 trees for your demonstration, not including what you hacked out for the front.. If you don't own the land then shame on you, you had enough bodies there to find dead fall or other material. If you do own it, who cares, right?

    And yeah, before you start your windup, I have lived in Maine my whole life, am familiar with this and other ways of similar construction and have built them myself. So don't say I'm ill informed or blame it on Bush.

  11. this will help me for the future! thank you!

  12. I dare you to try to survive more than a weekend without your bag of 21st century tricks and gizmo's.

  13. Haha.. "Ariel View"

  14. With so many videos seeming to glorify the macho state of suffering in survival, its nice to see one that looks at it more sensibly. My take has always been to find as much comfort as one can, whenever one can. With comfort (not complacency – thinking floods, avalanches, etc 🙂 ) comes more relaxation, rest and recovery and a better frame of mind bringing greater mental and physical resilience. When one has comfort and security, one is no longer merely surviving, but living and it is this distinction that can make the difference between success in the elements and catastrophe 🙂

    I think, as well, that a number of the comments really reflect just how far many people have really come from nature and both their lack of experience and arrogance. A number of them are probably prime Darwin Award candidates :).

    Preparation of shelters like yours has allowed an outdoor lifestyle (as opposed to 'survival') globally, even here in Europe where, even today, there are regions where mountain shepherds still use ready prepared shelters and cottages.

  15. when its no longer about survival and more about living. i like it…

  16. Instant subscribe!

  17. trite

  18. weren't you on season 1 of doomsday preppers? I did like the piece you did on that show. did you middle son ever come around to the outdoors preparedness you teach? enjoyed the video. saw you got a lot of trolls criticizing you. when the coming social unrest happens they'll freeze to death in their apts still talking smack. keep up the good work.

  19. Homosapiensapien

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy at the end of the video was a douche bag?

  20. how is the song called ay 1:24?
    I really like the psychedelic sound :)

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