Building an Earthship Survival Shelter

Building an Earthship Survival Shelter

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Earthships can be built to create fantastic survival shelters. This simple shelter is being constructed in Te Puke (New Zealand) as part of a training program aimed at teaching survivors of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu how to construct these robust buildings for their communities.

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  1. You could have used a 40 foot container, reinforced the walls and cielings inside, buried it and put some concrete reinforcement on top. Make cement stairs going down into the front doors and you have a safe dwelling. Some people do this to make their own wine cellars in their backyard. I am sure there has to be plenty of empty containers on that island somewhere.

  2. great video, keep it going

  3. Scott Filip McDowall

    I love everything about this channel

  4. Made you a coffee this morning at the cafe bryce!!lol loving the youtube channel!!

  5. I'm a little worried about the whacking great tree right next to the shelter. If it comes down, it might well compromise the shelter during a storm- however judging by the hill behind, it may well be a sheltered area which would mitigate that risk a little..

  6. Is that bamboo going to hold that weight? Eventually that roof will break down into soil and when it gets wet it will be extremely heavy.   I am not an engineer but I do know that people often underestimate the weight of wet soil.

  7. Such a great initiative thanks to good ole Kiwi can do. it shows how getting back to basics can be a lifesaver.

  8. Who would actually give a down vote to this…  I have to believe they clicked it by mistake and just didn't notice

  9. Looking forward to the update in a couple of months. This is a wonderful video! Thank you for sharing! Keep smiling, Valerie

  10. I wish you'd get your little house finished and tape some more on that, it's been to long
    and some have probably forgot about you or the project you started??  (not me of course)  =0  }        Watching how you guys build these little houses is hard for those
    of us who want or need to build or start building something along these lines but
    can't because you take forever to build them.  We're still waiting on you living in the 
    one your building like you mentioned in the last video, let alone see what you've done or if you've done anything to the inside of the house and how it was done. Heavy sigh… I guess we'll see it when we see it, if we see it??   =  0     Have a good one.
    I love the idea of the hobbit house also, under ground is pretty much the safest way ,
    the only thing I don't like about it is the lack of lighting and the cataracts people tend to get living in low light places. I would also wonder about those burrowing critters that
    live underground as well, vermin and  water coming through after a good rain and 
    it soaking into the earth making it all moist, humid and possible mold??   I've lived in
    worse places though and grew up camping, roughing it and the streets so I'd do it.


    I hate these videos in which you see some young white know I wall teaching traditional people who know how to build traditional houses how to build sustainably. You make e laugh

  12. Refreshing and lovely to see human helping human; not a bomb or extremist in sight. Warms the heart.

  13. I'm sorry for being "that one" but… is it safe/healthy to built a shelter/home with tires, cans, rubber and plastic tarp ? In almost every "alternative house" videos I've seen, builders say they want to live in a healthy home (built without glues, chemicals foams, leadpaints, plastics…) but here, it quite the opposite. Ok, there's mud all over it but I can't help thinking it's unhealthy.

  14. Wonder why they chose to use lumber half way up instead of tires?

    Seems more permanent

  15. Tires are extremely toxic.  They should not be used for building materials.

  16. I love this type of building and I love that these people are getting the skills they need to survive and keep their families safe. A lot of Island communities could benefit from earthship building. I can't wait to see how it turns out.☺

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