Building a Wilderness Survival Camp – Self Reliance

Building a Wilderness Survival Camp – Self Reliance

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LESSONS FROM A LIFE IN THE MOUNTAINS. How to “bug out” and still live a good life. Build a survival camp, live off the land and off the grid. Live the self-reliance lifestyle. Choose a location. Find a perennial spring or stream. Set up a temporary shelter. Bring in a supply cache. Cut trees. Build a cabin and livestock fence. Keep your firewood and your powder dry. Set up a water delivery system so you don’t have to pack water. Hunt, trap, snare a deer, gather and preserve wild food. Smoke meat. Build traps. Raise a garden. Find gold.
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  2. hank hill is that you? great video though

  3. Robin Conkel-hAnnan

    ….. Nice commercial, not what I was looking for.. Nor is it realistic for most people..
    ….. Anyone can do this with enough money and help..

  4. I love what your doing however why do you pose with your kill with silly grins on your face?

  5. why are people still killing bears? no neeed…stop it ffs.

  6. I use these techniques when I play minecraft. thanks man!!

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    Please answer –  is this your land or is it public or ect. because i want to do something like this and dont know where to do it.

  8. I swear I know this guy from Coeurd'alene  way back in the 80's

  9. hi from north idaho…. great video=)

  10. Go down to Loudonville Ohio, on Wally road. there is some nice woods there.

  11. It best to run away from those falling trees. A friend of mine who was an expert tree man, had a tree hit the ground, and kick back killing him. When the tree fell, it somehow kick back and broke his neck.

  12. Wow Awesome Video

  13. Great stuff

  14. The Real Drunkard Hu

    i'm so jealous right now.

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  16. I have been thinking hard about making the move to self Reliance. I think I found the right place to get the info I have been looking for!

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    • Mobile Bug-Out Prototype – 1:26:16
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    6. Tuning Up Old Long Spring Traps
    7. Cabin Moving Project * Behind The Scenes
    8. Fishing Adventures * Quick Tips
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    Hi Jack, my Grandson is you age and learns quickly. Check out our Web Site and other videos. Make a list of the skills you want to learn, do some research and start a project. We are happy to answer any questions. Experience is the best teacher. Go get your hands dirty.

  20. Im 15 and this is my dream. i live in northern Ohio so our woods are not that great. but how do learn all these skills.

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