Building A Survival Shelter

Building A Survival Shelter

- in Survival In Mountains

In this video I am building a survival shelter with a tarp.

Wetterlings Hatchet:
Saw and Knife:

Rucksack: Italian Mountain Rucksack

Lilly´s Amazon Store:

This video is a video response to North Survivals 30000 Subs Challenge:





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  1. really not a good survival shelter you should watch some other videos to get a good idea about what your doing

  2. I like the video nice shelter, thanks Lilly

  3. Now what if its windy?

  4. nice

  5. What kind of pack are you using?

  6. never mind about the rude comments in a survival situation this would work awesome for a temporary place to hide out from the elements Great job my friend, shared on google

  7. I love this, quick n easy

  8. Nice shelter!


    love your channel! and your dog lol..

  10. redrock potisium

    im not trying to sound rude but in what survival situation would you actually have a tarp a knife a axe string(not including shoe strings) or actual tools like she has?

  11. You know for I grow up in the woods and it was my playground for many years and it made think of what was useful as shelters it was big trees that had large branches. PS camping in any form is fun.

  12. toposaurus TOP10

    Helloooo ticks…

  13. I have yet to watch any YouTube channel where the comments don't devolve into petty bickering and name calling. That said, thanks for the viddy, Lilly.

  14. i like her style of filming its really good

  15. nice ass

  16. she has a nice arse!

  17. Survival Lilly and her dog Lilly Bark!  (Not sure what the dog's name is but he makes it all worth watching).

  18. THAT is SO awesome.

  19. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Camping

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