Building A Stone Age Hut As Survival Shelter

Building A Stone Age Hut As Survival Shelter

- in Survival Skills

In this video Lilly shows how she builds a survival shelter in the shape of a stoneage hut.

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  1. awwww man, damn dead batteries anyway, LOL.

  2. LOL at 3:10 – i was wondering about the depth of those holes; a bit too shallow :)

  3. Looks like an Big Food trap, nice work.

  4. i like your dog he is so helpful

  5. Excellent vid Lilly, pity your battery went flat though hehe…

  6. I've got some shrubs in my backyard that Dax can help me with.

  7. Xtroverted Hermit

    funny girl.

  8. Does dog have his own channel???

  9. Bei 4:33 😀 das macht mein Hund auch immer wenn er etwas besonders stinkendes findet

  10. hahaha while you was building the hut at the beginning of the video the dog was digging the fire pit lol, that was so sweet!

  11. Kasimir Bachmann

    Meine Freundin wird mich schlagen, aber ich würde dir gern eine Ersatzbatterie schicken …

  12. lilly your a tease  bad girl haha

  13. your dog can get a tree down quicker than you ha ha  good video lilly

  14. Bottom line u r a very pleasant and beautiful girl and talented )

  15. There was no metal tools in the stone age tho

  16. Bravo!

  17. DAMN THAT BATTERY..!  HAHAHA 🙂  Just started watching your videos, can't believe I haven't seen them sooner. I'm watching the hell out of them.  Keep up the excellent work.  Cheers!

  18. Dein Wauzi ist so geil drauf! 🙂 …………….. Du aber auch! 😉
    Coole Idee, das mit der Sauna!

  19. Your dog is the best ! He or she has a great personality , always waging a tale and rolling around like a pig in mud ! Hilarious !!! Very beautiful piece of land you have there. I'd be out in the woods too if I had that to grow up on. Beautiful !

  20. Great technique. in Calif. and the rest of the U.S., It is not advisable to cut standing timber or live Pine Boughs on public land…. except in a dire emergency. Your relative's land is an excellent place to sharpen your skills, which already are razor sharp!. You get 5 B's ! ( Brilliant, Beautiful,  Bavarian,  Bushcraft Babe).

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