Building a Snow Cave – Ray Mears Extreme Survival – BBC

Building a Snow Cave – Ray Mears Extreme Survival – BBC

- in Survival In Mountains

Ray Mears demonstrates how to make a warm snow cave hide-out in severe weather when caught in the mountains.


  1. MaddenManification

    I must remember to pack a saw when hiking in snowy mountains.

  2. How do you stop the massive amount of snow on the roof from falling on the occupants?

  3. This is like Minecraft in real life!

  4. Is this safe? What if the snow collapses on you in your sleep? Isn't that an awful idea to sleep with? How is the snow supported and held up?

  5. this would be fun to just try, even not in survival situations. Good to practice stuff like this

  6. I never have a saw with me but i sharpen and flaten a pretty big stick to carve it out, works well. or if you have a good shovel with you.

  7. Cant you get trapped in there if it snow a lot??

  8. your gay for posting that coment

  9. Winne bago man is better and drink some beer and stick the shovle up your butt and say hi to the world

  10. err where will the camera man sleep??

  11. LOL You mean you don't go on hikes with saws and candles?

  12. carbon Monoxide??? Really? Oh dear. a whole would be pretty important then.
    Really like the tip of using a saw-im gonna use that one next time for sure-i got totally knackered last time building our snow cave-it took about 2 hrs of continuous digging!!!-thanks Ray.

  13. whatever.

  14. Potatosneeze Fishsquirt


  15. i would be so chlostrophobic (however you spell it)

  16. No snow in my country :'( Its 40c here!


  18. Umm It says Extreme Survival Snow cave…what are the odds of my having a SAW and a SHOVEL?

  19. Where do you think the camera men slept?

  20. Pinça do Destino


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