Building a Long-Term Survival Shelter Using Your Natural Resources. Bushcraft!

Building a Long-Term Survival Shelter Using Your Natural Resources. Bushcraft!

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Building a Long-Term Survival Shelter Using Your Natural Resources. Bushcraft!

There is more to me than metal detecting & treasure hunting. I also love bushcraft, survival, fishing, hunting, and using natural resources to survive. Outdoor Survival, Survival Shelter, Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival Skills. GIMME SHELTER
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  1. Ordinary Man With Glasses

    At first, I thought you're gonna use the rock as some kind of fire pit / fire reflector, but still, great shelter man (y)

  2. oh yeah all natural resorses apart from rope and you have a bluddy axe

  3. sweet set up I must say !!!

  4. Just a quick bit of advice, the sticks that are coming down from your support beam onto the rock are at too flat of an angle. The rain is going to hit the roof and sit on the flatter area for a lot longer than the slanted areas, leading to a lot of dripping. It might have been better to not use the rock and build that wall at a much greater angle.
    Overall, great video man. Thanks!

  5. IamAnoobiecheez

    Nice shelter. Will water drip down from ceiling when it rains? It doesn't look like the leaves will block all the water. Put a tarp over the roof?

  6. Nice shelter. Using rocks is a great idea

  7. nice shelter. only one thing I would of done different. is built the roof the other way. so when you made a fire. the rock would of reflected heat the other way

  8. great job my friend I'm sure you would be warm and dry.atb mac

  9. should have had the roof going the other way to use the rock as a fire reflector.



  11. Nice shelter! I just posted mine up, lean to man cave, lol. So fun to build.

  12. Totally awesome bro

  13. I curious, why you didn't use the Glacier Rock as a Fire wall and reflector? Then build the Lean Yo facing the wall?
    Also you could have closed off the sides to funnel the heat to the Lean To. Just asking and a thought.

  14. Excellent shelter. I am really loving your videos.

  15. Very nice shelter and love the spot 🙂 ! Thumbs up and Greetings from Ireland :)

  16. Nicely done!

  17. Nice place you made. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Outdoor Archives

    Hard work, nice shelter for sure.

  19. Klaus Fellenberg

    Liked the vid. You should work on your axe
    technique though. Happy camping

  20. all your vids very informative thanks

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