Building a Long Term Survival Shelter – Part 1 (Wiki)

Building a Long Term Survival Shelter – Part 1 (Wiki)

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Sadly upon returning to finish this shelter i found it DESTROYED…
Ill build another in a new location.
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  1. why do u disable comments on some videos are you a fake?

  2. so why didn't you make that in van island , ? you suck

  3. I like your videos, and this is a great idea!! ….. but… I'm a girl, and don't like the debris, leaf litter or the bugs dropping on my face… I'd put a tarp or plastic on the poles before the leaves…. yes, I thought about how the leaves could slide easier, but with slender, forest litter, branches laid in there will help hold it..
    ….in real bad weather, with wind, do you lay pine boughs over it all?? To hold the leaves on?

  4. he he

  5. He looks like the guy of the show alone

  6. after seeing how well you did in Alone, I am defiantly subscribing and watching your videos. :-)

  7. Airborne Turtle

    were you on alone

  8. Wouldn't a shelter that is raised off the ground be better long term? But this shelter is good cuz u can have a fire in it. I am not that experienced in the bush but i think i would make a shelter that is off the ground and put a plastic drop cloth in the front and have a fire outside of it, then i don't have to worry about the smoke or the cold ground in the winter.

  9. StJohns River66

    Hey I can send ya some money to get a haircut ya ol hippy :)..Seriously I appreciated the vid and thanks for posting..I have a camp spot that I may try that ..

  10. Miguel Paquette

    Very thank for thé vidéo 

  11. funny i come across this after seeing you on Alone. I think I would prefer this to other structures. simple. easy and you can have a fire in it.

  12. About a year late in seeing this video, good improvising.. but too close to a fire and those leaves are going to be one serious tender bundle for a fire. Given the time of season (shorts and t-shirt) why not use the green foliage in the background?  At least for the sub layer.  We all know that wind changes when using a fire.. Just curious….

  13. I like this idea. I was surprised know one built something like this on alone.

  14. NOPE.  I see spider webs.   Abandon the shelter.

  15. you can also use mudd too instead of leaves pretty neat!!

  16. Smaller than the one I lived in for almost a year while homeless, but nicely done. I'm hoping to be chosen for Alone as well, my wife has mixed emotions but knows how much being primitive means to me.

  17. I kept swatting at my screen trying to kill that little blood sucker!

  18. When you peaked out of your tent when the mountain cougar was around your campsite, did you die?

  19. I am cheering for you on Alone!

  20. sweet sassafras trees!

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