Building A Bugout Bag: Essential Items

Building A Bugout Bag: Essential Items

- in Survival Basics

We show the basics of a bug out bag and the essential items to include. A bug out bag is a personal kit which needs to be adapted to your environment and skill set, and will help you survive for up to 72 hours.

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  1. Compass watch might come in handy.Made by the manufactures who you currently have… Casio

  2. Assuming said radio also has a usb port for smartphones when the battery usb backup runs low.

  3. Or a solar powered AM/FM radio that has a turn crank might be beneficial.

  4. wind up flashlight would be practical. unless turning a handle for 60 seconds is something not recommended; in which case, jumping ship now would be recommended.

  5. filling a trash bag with dry leaves for insulation from the ground thats such a good idea

  6. Hey Ben, I have the SAS survival guide however, you may or may not know it also comes in a iPhone app. It's pretty cool. Since in any situation you will most likely have your phone, this app will replace the weight and bulk of packing the book. You can read, listen and watch videos. I guess it's a "visual" version of the book…..Thanks for the video!

  7. leather sheathes will absorb water and rust your blade

  8. u want 3ft by 5 f metalized tyvek bags, with velcro seams. they are much, much more durable and useful than plastic bags Plastic gets tearsa nd holes the 2nd time you use it.

  9. Bottle of Iodine is good to kill infections. Antibiotics are pretty handy as well. Cheers for awesome vid!

  10. Realy excelent items. My Bags are very similar. I have Bk-9 too, is the best all around knife I believe. Fight like a bear and is a great tool. Trees shake when Bk-9 is out of the sheath… jaja.,.. Am I right?
    Thanks for your videos!

  11. Aaron Francesconi

    This is a great video. Although your gun is awesome, wouldn't a Glock 19 be a better choice in a disaster situation? It's magazines are interchangeable with a lot of other weapons. Food for thought. Thanks again for all of the info.

  12. if you end up surviving a disaster,then you probably cannot use it with people around,they might mug you to take your tools,imagine the situation

  13. correct me if im wrong but i have always been told NOT to remove ticks with tweezers. in his med kit he says he keeps them to remove ticks. whats the best way? :)

  14. 2:152:45 fairly detailed bearded Arab's face on the right side of the pack lol. Thought that was funny. What are the odds

  15. Great video very informative thank you very much

  16. sos is cool

  17. Bruce W. Willett

    Great video. Thanks for putting it together.

  18. Nicholas Bachman

    Cliff bars are garbage there bud….

  19. I think the best sleep system is the mss because there are 3 bags so you can use the green and bivy for summer/spring and the black green and bivy for fall/winter

  20. Awesome job on covering all the basics. I like that it is not just a list of your bag and more "what to bring and why" and with extra options. Very helpful for new preppers.

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