build a wilderness shelter, survival skills 5 of 7

build a wilderness shelter, survival skills 5 of 7

- in Survival Basics
9 How to build a bushcraft survival long term wilderness shelter. A Great place to survive, survive skills, wilderness survival, survival techniques, military techniques, military survival & much more
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  1. Mastermind Helix

    Those zip ties come in handy.

  2.  I kept hearing gunshots? Neat videos. Thanks.

  3. I don't think there are any zip ties in the wild..

  4. He is so talented

  5. from all 7 vids, how long did it take in total Please reply

    ps good idea with those little black tie ups

  6. amanha eu vo fazer uma igualsinha a essa ai pq essa ai fico muito xou
    e muito legal ta pro cara passar uns 15 dias ou mais ai so no susego 

  7. at 2:16 i tried swatting a fly from my ear

  8. Neat chair idea.

  9. jack murphy (SMPNazeHD)

    another great video

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