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I decided to build a perminate Bushcraft Survival shelter after several overnight trips. I like the way its turning out but still have work to do. Sorry for the noise. I was trying out my new GoPro Hero 2 and my cheap tripod was making noise and you’ll also noiticed some target shooting in the background on the other side of the swamp.
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  1. any plans on making it a bigger area since its such a small closed area

  2. really nice shelter looks like a lot of work great job thanks for sharing always learning

  3. Bushcraft in WV

    Your shelter looks great! Makes mine look real sick! Lol thanks for the video

  4. If you poke a long stick or sapling through the reflective wall you can hang pots for cooking over the fire, if you decide to do this make sure you peg it down using a small stick with a sharpened end on the other side of the wall…

  5. Bushcraft Heroes

    Nice video bud, thanks for taking the time to film and share it! I subbed :)

  6. embarado smithing and woodcraft

    interesting emulation of alonewolverine1984       bugout shelter

  7. That's a great shelter, I really like your raised platform, nice spot. Does your wife know where it's at yet, LOL I hear someone getting some target practice in the background. take care. I just subbed, looking forward to more of your vids.

  8. Good effort, I wanted to ask 2 things: 1) is this on public land, in which case, it may not be yours when the SHTF, and the fire always worries me as it could easily give away your position from a very long distance?  Your thoughts?

  9. Friend, I love your lean-to, but given the amount of work that you've put into it—why not build a small log cabin?

  10. Looks great, and bet it was a joy to use it too. Just subbed to you too.

  11. Great shelter I've got the image of your shelter saved as a screen saver got from Google images started to build this shelter my self 

  12. That's an awesome shelter!  I really like the idea of a semi-permanent survival/bugout/bush shelter.  Nice to have a place that you can continue improving and return back to to hang out and enjoy.

  13. dude be careful banging that knife

  14. Nice man, are you going to wrap the entire hootch with camouflage so no leaks of rain and wind? Very nice job. I'm a new sub. Good info.

  15. The rain is going to drip through those leaves and collapse the Mylar blanket on on you, you will get wet, the wind and cold will freeze you then the bear comes.

  16. ReeperzOutdoors

    Thank You.

  17. Wow. I envy your skills.

  18. Nothing to it. You just have to take your time. This is NOT a shelter you will put up in a couple of hours by yourself.

  19. Thank you.

  20. LOL THanks.

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