bug out survival shelter

bug out survival shelter

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We are doing a video series on how to build a micro house step by step on this channel right now check it out . survival /bug out shelter 8x8x8 put it any where throw it in a truck or on a small trailer see what you think let me know. check out my blog. www.aselfreliantlife.com


  1. Outlander Bushcraft

    Hello there , you've done a great job on that little shelter , it could make life a bit more comfortable in a shtf , atb Martin

  2. Johnn Schroeder

    Nice idea, and you have implemented it well!  I like the way you handled each of the needs, and the way a simple shelter can make bug out both possible and far less stressful for you and the family.  Well done and looking forward to seeing what you do with it over time.

  3. AskMommaChannel

    Why did you move to the coast? Fukushima, Tsunami, Cascadia fault, Mega earthquake concerns?

  4. nice thats all you need a warm dry place to sleep and make food and to store food but id put a little paint on that wood

  5. Good video there, man.

  6. Beside a main rd. dude really???……..wow…………….think man …think

  7. Nice. I think you've thought about just about everything. Thanks for sharing

  8. The ceiling inside the shelter: close off the holes, add a screened vent at the top and another at the bottom of a wall – cross ventilation, cheap, simple. 

  9. I love your shack Kevin, I'm sure mom and the kids will love being there with you. What is the brand name on your 22? I have a Sears Roebuk that was my mothers. It was old when she gave it to me 50 yrs. ago. She was a much better shot than my dad, that's what dad says anyway.

  10. How much was the wood stove and what's the name of it? Great video?

  11. What is the washing machine called

  12. This isn't 100 yrs ago…anything happens in this day n age there WIL BE NO power. This next war will be more of a EMP defense etc. So fuel and power tools etc are wasted space. A few knives,axe,saw,containers cover and all on my back,thats surviving.Toilet???? LMAO! Wow your not gonna be around long,whats next heated floors HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

  13. This is camping not survival.To have these kind of perks isn't realistic.Not a lot of places you can just set one of these up without problems from others or to be able to leave this sit like a house to long before its ransacked. This is a shanty not a SHTF plan.

  14. Good idea but humans in a SHTF scenario will just rip it down to take what you have just because its there.Much easier to use tarps/tents and be very mobile.Sit in one place to long and you WILL find a enemy or thief. 1 match and poof.

  15. put a pair of nylon tights/stockings over your water barrel with a stone on top. stop bugs getting in but still let water in.

  16. What kind of wood is that and where can J get a set of plans?

  17. Don't listen to this retard.

  18. Very Cool Great Job…

  19. Good one…Yes…experienced been there done that

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