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  1. the 3 day bug out bag is for moving to a bug out location not to live out of forever

  2. great bag, great ideas, great job!

  3. Just started the video so u will get 2 comments from me lol but the music….aww y lol…ok back to the video

  4. Montanasurvivalboy505

    +luckydog1351 great video am making my bug out bag and that is a great idea to make a second bug out bag for your car or truck great video

  5. daa

  6. 72 hrs. Is a joke, ok time out. Everything's fine now. That is the most ridiculous thing I hear,pack heavy and bring it home or stash it

  7. good video how much does your kit weigh thanks for sharing

  8. He needs to leave half of that crap. He is gonna die carrying non essential items. Guns ammo food water knife that's all you need.

  9. The first thing I notices is that you don't have a sterling knife sharpener.

  10. themathias0123456789

    Tells people they don't know what they're doing if they can't pack a bag. Proceeds to tell people that Bear Grylls knives are good and one is a "switchblade".

  11. It's not that what do you do after the three days the three days worth of rations were the items to keep you alive to your next bug out location

  12. then we shoot u and take your stuff cuz u r to little to carry body armor

  13. I agree with you on everthing. Good work and keep it up because you have potential. 

  14. Toilet paper? Maybe add dryer lint (good fire starter)

  15. Name rank and serial number actually. 20lb bag of rice? Are you kidding? I think you're confusing bugging in with bugging out. You would be better served by stocking up on food, water, medicine and fuel as well as getting to know your neighbors.

  16. You are an idiot

  17. Doctor Gordon Schumway

    think about it!!!!

  18. Tones of useless things… You only need 5 of them….. 

  19. Rocky Mountain Prepper

    Hey man nice vid. U should check out mss sleep system there about 80 and rated to -40 

  20. sounds like jonah hill

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