British military Survival Tools

British military Survival Tools

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British military Survival Tools

MOD/RAF Survival Knife
’37 pattern Entrenching tool
heavy duty survival kit for British service personnel, tested and proven with the military
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  1. A mine prod 

  2. 1:46  Bless you my dear lol

  3. Very nice video. I hadn't seen that tool before, with the bayonet attaching on. Very cool. Thanks for the video!

  4. Thank you for the additional information. Sounds logical when you think of it given the confined spaces in the trenches of the day. Many thanks for your back ground knowledge much appreciated. Never to young (or old) to learn. cheers and good luck totenvt from downunder

  5. the Pig sticker is infact a lee enfield No 4 mk1 Bayonet as fitted to the std issue WWII british issue Lee enfield rifle. Many people try to circumvent the rules on sale of bayonets by refering to it as a mine probe as it was sometimes used as such by squaddies but the more common use was as a close combat weopon in confined spaces like a dug out where a 4 foot long lee enfield was impracticle to swing. Pig sticker was a name given it by troops due to the shape.

  6. I was under the impression the tool you referred to as a pig sticker for the entrenching tool is a "Mine Probe'???

  7. Big nasty rabbit lol bring on the holy hand grenade great vid

  8. thankyou Pop

  9. Entrenching tool was cool.

  10. J Adams in Sheffield make most of these Brit Jungle survival knives.

    You can get either a wood handle or black plastic.
    The authentic ones come with a crows foot stamp, year of manufacture and the makers name and the Nato/NSN number all stamped on the blade.

    You can still buy them new unused unissued.

  11. pm sent sarge

  12. The Sgt Fruitcake

    Bro…I have got to get myself one of them "Log-Spitters"…Do you know a supplier please?

  13. naw, we ran outta monty python rabbits 🙂

  14. thanks foggy, had that blade over 20 years, bought originally from the Pegasus Gun club in sheffield back in '91

  15. thanks for the advice I'll be looking out for one

  16. fog360 Survival and Bushcraft specialist

    That is one nice blade,great tool to mate.

  17. Not seen these before great bits of kit thanks for sharing

  18. As it comes the MOD knife isnt the sharpest around but a few minutes with a martindale file to finish off the flat grind and a wet stone makes it almost comparable to a mora if not a lot heavier. with a blade length of 7" its a beast to work with but not as long as a machette. The makers of these are the sheffield knife company. Another tip is the sheath has a spare rivet at the entrance, cut it off the sheath as it blunts the blade as you push it in and out.

  19. 2 great bits of kit…. the MOD Knife is a beast… I really should get one… and the entrenching tool looks the business

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