Bloodborne Gameplay Survival Guide #1 – NEED TO KNOW BASICS – Spoiler Free!

Bloodborne Gameplay Survival Guide #1 – NEED TO KNOW BASICS – Spoiler Free!

- in Survival Basics

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  1. Awesome video! 

  2. Great intro video. Good work Kinetic. Just got Bloodborne and it's kicking my ass, I love it! :)

  3. NEXT VIDEO – Bloodborne Area Walkthrough – Central Yharnam Part 1

  4. Haven't got my game yet but as I understand it you can't generate infinitely many bullets. I think the ones you generate are the excess ones that you've tried to pick up while maxed out.

  5. I really want to play this game! But im on xbox…

  6. Catalin Ciubotaru

    I need all the help that is out there :)). Thanks for the video. I never played dark souls so I find Bloodborne really really difficult :). But also really fun. Died to the "strong foe" at least 10 times now. My questions is, why don't I always find my blood echoes when I return to where I died? Sometimes they are there, sometimes not.

  7. very well done video for new players, i just beat the game yesterday and it was phenomenal! I really look forward to your build ideas videos,i am already thinking of a few builds myself, and can't wait to see yours. :D

  8. Praise the Sun!

  9. Is this… a paid advertisement?

    Hehe sorry I had to. Game looks good; might have to pick it up.

  10. what should i upgrade 1st
    Can you make tutorial on the bosses 

  11. Draven Valverde

    I'm really thinking about picking this game up. Not sure if I have the time to play though :'( Great video! It'll really help me get started quick if I decide to play.

  12. Awesome of you to make a "Survival Guide" on Bloodborne, for those who aren't subscribed on your channel and bond to come across this video for the information they NEED. Smart.

    Kinetic, you like this game compared to dark souls 2, 100x's more? Is Dark Souls 2 your least favorite souls series?

  13. Is there an equivalent to fog gates before you fight a boss? Or do you just enter the area it is in and it just starts? 

  14. it's really good! im very skeptical at 1st because i never played a Souls game before and i thought "Bloodborne" looks like a cliche, but the horror theme really works well with the Souls gameplay;Judging to what the consensus say Bloodborne is wayy better than the DS series; Don't let the name Bloodborne fool you, it's a must buy

  15. Let's help the lost ones find their way. Supporting these videos by clicking the LIKE button and leave a comment! 

  16. loving bloodsouls and this channel.

  17. Jesse Templeton

    Thank you. Great info for my noob self. I'd like more videos in this vein. 

  18. Kinetic making souls games guide – i still remember you fighting Capra :-> Helpfull tho, GJ :)

  19. you are the only one i watch walkthrough for this game 

  20. Great video!  Keep 'em coming!

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