Birch Mountains! Sugarcane Farm! || [Season 5] Survival In Minecraft (1.7.2) #205

Birch Mountains! Sugarcane Farm! || [Season 5] Survival In Minecraft (1.7.2) #205

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Birch Mountains! Sugarcane Farm! || [Season 5] Survival In Minecraft (1.7.2) #205

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Welcome back to Survival In Minecraft, where we’re plunging into a brand new world for Season 5 and Minecraft 1.7.2! In this episode, we’re exploring more of the Birch Forest and creating the pathways and sugarcane farms for our village! Enjoy! 😀

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(“Large Biomes” world type used!)

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  1. yeah cobra

  2. Grove Street Mafia /Games/Music/Updates/And More!

    205 Episodes and you are using a stone sword

  3. MR.PYTHON or P.G.M (which stands for pythongb miner

  4. Looks more like a shuriken to me.

  5. no offense but the sugar cane farm looks like a swastika

  6. mr.buttcheecks

  7. Call him KICKASS!

  8. Horse name is Baby Python

  9. bestgamerever2000

    it must be a girl then

  10. Tamara Devine-Rinehart

    Horse name Bob

  11. Horse

  12. Twochopsticks105

    Hores name serpent

  13. The horse name should be called memory

  14. When you found a swapland you dont see hit

  15. Horse name: neil

  16. You are familiar to me from somewhere……

  17. horse name? Mr Ed, of course…

  18. Call the horse BRITISH BOSS

  19. Apex Predator

  20. I guess you've made the episode by now (I'm a bit late) but I'd suggest you to name him Houdini because of the fact that he almost disappeared a couple of episodes ago or Mr Fortune (not a refference to Miss Fortune from League Of Legends) because he was a very lucky find, plus you had a saddle and some armour

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