Best Survival Shelter: The Super Shelter

Best Survival Shelter: The Super Shelter

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Best Survival Shelter:  The Super Shelter

The complete set up of a super shelter including: deluxe bush bed, cattail mattress, and the reason why this is the best all-around survival shelter.
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  1. that's some backward usage of the saw. since when is a good idea to have long blade facing you while moving your hands next to it

  2. Lee Ralph (Pathway to Self Reliance)

    My very fist bushcraft overnighter was in version of this, long fire, visqueen(spelling?) Plastic and a solar blanket, hammock, MSS…it was a frigid night…I slept quite warm..well until the fire went out early in the morning!! But it was surprising warm considering the outside temperature, and snow rain and sleet that night. Thanks for sharing your version of the super shelter

  3. gladtidings4all

    I would make that log bed wide enough to have that dog sleep with me to keep me warm!!

  4. ummm wtf

  5. nice!

  6. Where do you buy that magic plastic that's air-tight one way and permeable the other. Dat some good sheeyut

  7. Movin on….nothing here…!

  8. Seriously?!

  9. Great stuff.

  10. One stray spark and the whole thing is a pile of ashes. Dumb.

  11. Donald Stockton (High Desert Outdoors)

  12. Seen better

  13. Lame intro plz get a better one to stop the cringe

  14. Why not bring a tent, yeah, my question exactly.

  15. Pretty clever.

  16. I think you should put your furry friend to work! LOL!

  17. best survival shelter is the one that u survive

  18. Noble Sir Knight

    Thats a pretty not great shelter in my opinion. But if you think thats the best, well thats fine by me.

  19. Because of all the examples here on You Tube, empirically we know that this design works. It is not just a tent. Thanks for sharing…I'm making one. It appears to be a very good set up.

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