BCB Mountain Survival Tin

BCB Mountain Survival Tin

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Sensible Survival Reviews Presents: The BCB International Mountain Survival Tin. A super compact and complete emergancy survival kit that has the essential life saving tools. Great for EDC, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Bug Out. Get a 10% discount using “sootch00” in the coupon code for your entire order at tacticaldefender.com.

Tactical Defender’s Website Link: http://www.tacticaldefender.com/international-mountain-military-survival-with-ck019l-p-52380.html

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  1. Got all of this as per Lofty Wiseman's SAS Survival Handbook, the signal mirror on the lid of the tins a nice touch. Is the handle the one that is used with the BCB Crusader canteen cup? A British service person would likely have the tin and the cup.

  2. no cordage ?

  3. Cheaper to make your own 

  4. Can't beat BCB products, absokutely the best,

  5. Ironstonedaylilies

    Yup, they make plastic battery holders used in fishing boats, cheap and easy to install and will stop spillovers and sliding around, just bolt down the plastic container and no worries!

  6. Call me crazy.. but a first aid kit to me seems more important than a gun.

  7. How about if you slip and fall and get a 4 inch gash in your leg with the artery hit… how will your common sense and wits solve that crisis? Shove a knife in there? Hit it with your firearm?

  8. Cool video and a good review +1 LIKE. And by the way where do you get unlubed/dry condoms separately from, at the farmacy or from military site's. Because i would like to add some to my survival tin, but i always had trouble finding some extra gear, like dry condoms, or i can use just normal ones instead.

  9. Cool wish I had it

  10. We Make Media Tv

    This is a very good kit but i like the way that people make there own survival kit because they know what are the best ! But good video bro i love it ! no.1 on YouTube

  11. Like the vid but some people say were not the dominant spices but their is not a thiing on this planet we cant kill

  12. geat video !!!

  13. And to be more specifik, your skills, your will to live and your mental preparedness to any kind of situation so that you don't get surprised (like snow in may or heavy rain from the sunniest of days). =)

  14. Your mind is the most important tool

  15. You can also put paracord S.O.L. survival blanket a water bag and other personnel items such as pictures of loved ones small map map reading compasss.

  16. I got this and then added and subtracted and it is great but it all seems to work better than most altoids home made kits when u actually test it

  17. The back is a reflective it's not like there's a mirror in it or nothin

  18. Yeah

  19. Boo yeahhh! Go birdman!

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