Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Tablets

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Tablets

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A wilderness survival kit should always include water purification tablets for cleaning drinking water. Get clean, safe drinking water with water purification tablets with expert tips from an experienced outdoorsman in this free video about wilderness survival skills.

Expert: kevin Barrett
Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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  1. this guy sounds like trevor from the whitest kids u know

  2. TheBlue1ThePink1

    Dame it, I'd just boil the water.

  3. lol this guy is funny to me for some reason

  4. Or if you have a fire you can put the water over it until it boils

  5. Stefan Mieczkowski

    i see you one that only know how to watch and didn't know how to listen. The most time of this video he was explaining.

  6. Thanks for showing us how to add two tablets to a bottle of water.

  7. Mines better

  8. 1st. If you can, boil water. No need for iodine tablets. 2nd. If all you have is iodine tablets and a bottle, do what the dipshit said..

  9. He's a fraud!!!!!!!!!!! Its ARROWHEAD water…..jk. I came to this video to learn how to use them tablets. I learned something today. Thank you.

  10. Boil first, never head into the wilderness without some means of fire lighting just common sense. A fire steel on a key ring can get you out of trouble with the right skills. After boiling, let cool. add water purification tablets. Heck these fit in your wallet! Always filter out large sediment before adding tablets, you can fold your shirt and use as a filter.

  11. never waste stuff from….the… :,)

  12. Who needs wood just do pyrokinesis

  13. Who needs

  14. Its always good to have though as a last resort if you are unsuccessful with making a fire.

  15. Do you every get changed

  16. DMTbliss NewWay

    Tablets you buy only in shop. Better say what chemicals or techniques can be used to cleanwater.

  17. Boiling the water for a good 10 to 20 minutes is more effective and boiling water isnt harmful like iodine tables a.k.a *magic tablets*

  18. that is really usefull

  19. Taylin Travnichek

    Sexiness!!!….good work.

  20. Simply GENIUS!!!! Thank you for such an informative video!!!! 🙂

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