Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Safe Drinking Water

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Safe Drinking Water

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Finding safe drinking water, such as running water, is critical to wilderness survival. Learn to dig a hole to get clean, pure water from an experienced outdoorsman in this free video about wilderness survival skills.

Expert: kevin Barrett
Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


  1. This guy is an IDIOT and will get people killed!!!!  That water is NOT SAFE.  One when hiking I went up stream and found that someone had shit in the stream so the water down stream would be full of shit.  DO NOT TAKE his IDIOTIC advice!!!



  3. Use two containers and a lace of thread. Place the two containers at different heights. Place water in container higher up,make sure the container on the bottom is clean. Place thread between the two and submerge in both containers. water will flow to the lower container slowly. Use SODIS (Solar disposition) all day to purify the water or bring to a rolling boil for 1-3 minutes.

  4. Poor and misleading information. Good way to get sick.

  5. what credentials do you have to be giving this sort of information out…?

  6. This guy is not correct

  7. I think this guy is going to kill people with his advice.

  8. The water that you think is clean and unpolluted are all affected by acid rain…good luck finding pure water…

  9. this guy fails at survival

  10. purplejellytotPJT

    "salt. and chlorine and sodium." um, chlorine? really? also, salt and sodium are exactly the same thing…

  11. This videos use to be on (exert village)
    And this guys for the most part are not at all experts
    The changed the name of there channel
    Because of all the bad reviews they had received And for good reason
    Just be careful of the advise you take and use from this guys

  12. MountainManWiggie

    I think this guy should instruct peeps on how to drink Guiness as he advertises on his shirt instead of teaching peeps on how to drink "perfectly safe" water from a "wilderness setting." However, this info is a great way to help you get a seriously debilitating disease, or a slow painful death. That water looks pretty good, but you better filter/purify it first. Ive had my run in with water born pathogynes before and they arnt the best way to spend your summer. Just saying.

  13. bottled water is much more of a pain to get then just filling your own bottles and bottled water is less regulated than normal tap water

  14. cigreviewer1244 cig

    never heard of beaver fever wht is it ?

  15. coby douangsouri

    Water comes from Narnia.

  16. your water treatment facility probably adds a bunch of chemicals for your health like fluoride that causes low brain development in children and bone disease. Like where i live we have fluoride, chlorophorm, iridium (which glows green from radioactive decay, and in some cities i have seen water quality reports of arsenic in the water supply. and some cities even propose putting pyschotropic drugs like prozac to "calm" the population.

  17. Where's Malibu?

  18. toronto70chinese

    You kidding me? 100% surface running water contains giardia in North America AND in Europe unless you can't see any plants or signs of animals.

  19. "generally" and "always" are two very different statements. Also, the information in this video is bogus. Following these instructions can make you very ill or even kill you. I lived in places (in the USA) where there was not a source of purified drinking water as a child. I did not die. I did get pin worms and diarrhea more than once, all from moving water sources like creeks and rivers, and mountain springs. I did not get sick every single time. But, we are talking about real risk here.

  20. Primitive Skills

    @residentmagnum True, in fact, a chemically contaminated source will increase the ration of contiminants to water via boiling if the contaminants are "heavier" than water! Please check out our water vid,. We couldn't cover it all in under fifteen minutes, but there is a solid foundation. Much respect.

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