Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making a Snare

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making a Snare

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Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making a Snare

A snare is a noose that traps small game as they run through a trail, which is an important wilderness survival skill to learn. Discover how to make and place a snare with tips from an experienced outdoorsman in this free video about wilderness survival skills.

Expert: kevin Barrett
Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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  1. i originally started learning bushcraft and wilderness survival ( at age 11) because i thought ( and still do ) the world will one day turn into a big pile of sh** and i don't wanna be there when it does. But i ended up falling in love with that activity :p

  2. I'm still very confused about this

  3. Ahmir Jessie Exith

    yes I got fresh meat alright.. KILL HIM!

  4. enough with the okays ok?

  5. Bear grylls taught me better shit than this

  6. And real survivalists are humble, reserved people. They don't spend their time on youtube calling people morons all the time. And they certainly don't go around saying "I'm a survivalist." But I guess the beauty of the internet is you can call yourself whatever you want without having to prove it. I can tell by reading your comments that you like to argue. Have some tact and stop being so rude to people.

  7. You believe bait is the only way to catch a rabbit. I disagree. That's all this argument is about. Just because I haven't made a survival video doesn't mean my words are untrue. You haven't posted a single survival video so your logic collapses on itself. You make a lot of assumption about me, and where I live. I don't claim to be a survivalist in the wilds like you do, but I'm glad you have access to electricity.

  8. Again, he clearly states "game trail." The term literally means "path often traveled by game." You see, animals tend to travel the same paths. This may be due to its proximity to a known water source, its den, or members of the opposite sex of its species for mating. A savvy trapper can spot these places. You save your bait to attract animals to places they normally would not travel. Your fish analogy is comparing apples to oranges, and your smart ass comment about his shirt serves no purpose

  9. I feel bad for people who make videos on wilderness survival. There are so many opinions out there that they always seem to get ridiculed because everyone is a self proclaimed expert in the field.

  10. Such condescension. You do realize not all snares call for bait? You may not have any food for bait (probably the reason you're trying to trap in the first place…agree??). He's showing a basic set up. He clearly mentions this is to be placed in a game trail. The strategy behind setting a snare in a game trail is to catch anything that happens by, not to attract something with food. Perhaps you should post a video and show us amateurs how its done…

  11. Kevin clearly stated the snare should be set across a game trail. Do you know where game trails lead? What should be used for bait? If I use offal rabbits and other herbivores will avoid it. If I use clover, predators will avoid it at least until the something else is caught. Baiting traps will serve to discourage some animals from coming through the noose. Not exactly optimum strategy if you want to eat.

  12. this guy should have his own channel

  13. Those sticks look like they would snap in half when the game attempts to get away. also that knot on the big stick looks like it would come undone under pressure.

  14. i was all ways taut to put them on springs now arnt they going to chew throw the snare with out a

  15. 21 poeple got thier selves…

  16. I guarentee you that almost all of the dislikes are vegetarians.

  17. i used to do traps like that in elementary school…

  18. ahhhhhh dude your t-shirt! GUINNESS 😀 that is the best beer in the world!

  19. Well well well, if it ain't Ashton Kutcher!

  20. whatever happened to the good old fashioned, deep hole covered with grass trick, it worked on my mom, so it should work on animals right?

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