Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making a Fishing Skewer

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making a Fishing Skewer

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To make a fishing skewer in the wilderness, tie branches together and sharpen them with a knife. Craft a fishing skewer with tips from an experienced outdoorsman in this free video about wilderness survival skills.

Expert: kevin Barrett
Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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  1. If we are in the woods where th fuck are we gonna get rope -.-

  2. S. Texaspatriot

    This guy doesn't know shit..

  3. Spear fishing is not that easy as you said in the video it's a very simple concept that sounds easy but it's very difficult especially on small fish like trout

  4. Lynvirg Francis Tablo

    hahahah that was a fail bro

  5. lol u didnt even catch the fish im sure u just stabd the ground nd made ur skewer blunt lol

  6. people are too harsh to this guy. no, you couldn't use his techniques in an actual survival situation, but he has some good ideas that he is putting out there for people to learn from, and face it, these techniques are better than the average weekend warrior goes out with, and some could get lucky and work. i do have to agree with a previous statement, tho, it is refraction, not reflection, and he tells you the wrong way to counter it.

  7. wow, that's alot of cordage to make something that could be done with one stick, and no cordage.

  8. michael pewtherer

    This fellow doesn't know what he is talking about. Though he said you seldom miss I doubt he has ever gotten a fish in this manner. Due to refraction (not reflection) the fish appears to be high up than it actually is, so you aim below it, not next to it.How far off it is depends on your angle to the fish (if you are 5 feet to the side, the refraction will be much greater than if you are 5 feet above it). Also, "fish" and "fishes" are both correct plural forms for "fish".

  9. @wakatatga They can't hear but they can detect disturbances in the water such as voice or sound waves traveling through the line.

  10. @mrouterrim you can say fishes if you are refering to a population

  11. no line… hmmmm cordage.

  12. @TheMichaelmccloud they can sort-of hear they mainly use their eardrums to detect vibrations in the water but it isn't any sort of sound they use that along with their lateral line to get away from predators and to navigate

  13. @wakatatga First of all, Its fish can hear, not fishes. And give the guy a break he is testing out his great speaking voice!!! And for eHOW, its a spear not a skewer.Skewer is what you use to cook the fish on,that is if you get one!!!!!

  14. Oğuz Han Gülmez

    Good basic knowledge. WHy are you so much focuesd on the enviroments instead of what he is saying??

  15. theincredibleholc

    @wakatatga they can hear.. the black stripes down their side are their ears


  16. Ryan Fitzgerald

    yah i know. he doesnt show you anything that invovles a dead animal. i mean you actually have to learn how tou gut and fillet the fish if you want to be REALLY safe.cause then you cant choke on the bones and i know its hard to fille a fish cause ive done it. and i think its funny how he says you almost always get it and yet he missies it. SSHHHH!!! im stalking a fish! lol

  17. theonlyoverzealot

    'i'm gunna cut it with my knife'

  18. @wakatatga They can feel vibrations, sow walking softly can help

  19. This is _basic_ wilderness survival skills guide, not advanced 😛

  20. would it be more effective to have more spikes branching off from the main spikes at different angles to ensure u stab it? also, would baiting the water help at all? maybe if u dont have a hook, get a twig and stab some worms and w/e with it and have it secure in the water so the fish will be destracted?

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