Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Fishing

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Fishing

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Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Fishing

To fish in the wilderness, find some bait then cast the fishing line into the water before tying the line to a branch. Discover more about fishing in the wilderness with tips from an experienced outdoorsman in this free video about wilderness survival skills.

Expert: kevin Barrett
Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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  1. Not a pond and a fish would rip that out of the ground and sang up ur line

  2. better idea in that little body of water would be to take off that shirt and set it across the stream below that pool, then drive whatever is in the pool into the shirt. maggots and grubs aren't a fish's best source of protein, things that live in the water are. the bait doesn't need to go all the way to the bottom, in fact, sometimes that is where turtles and crawfish will find it fastest and steal your bait.for those commenting on the body of water, small fish can keep u alive.


  4. TheSierraOutdoors

    Actually there can be fish in little creeks/streams like that sure they may not be huge but I've caught small little 8 inch rainbows in streams no more the a 2ft wide

  5. @MegaParamoreFan17 agreed!

  6. @SoftStruck theres also the hook in the middle of the line.

  7. spartanthree8zulu

    pond, more like puddle, also, a even if there were fish in there it would rip that tiny plant out of the ground!

  8. Uuummm… It's not possible that there are fish in that tiny creek! Not even a sausage fits in there… 🙂

  9. LeopardGeckoExpert

    lmao, pond? he's gonna sit there all day, no even gonna get a bite.

  10. DreamsCatcher101

    Did he just call that creek a pond? I seen more water running of my car roof lol

  11. @bb103140a1 You mean DumbStick 🙂

  12. wat the world this guy is so stuip that he cant get a bigger tree and water stuip i just want to hit him with a drumstick

  13. what planet are you from?

  14. Ryan Fitzgerald

    why dont you show you catching a fish? if you dont you dont have proof that it id make a video of that.

  15. doesnt take an expert to show survival skills. So far this young man seems to do a nice job. Well done

  16. this guy is no survival expert

  17. Eric Foreman teaches survival! Awesome!

  18. @JustinBaker2567 yea thats true! i cant imagine not ever hearing of fishing! i pity those people!

  19. @jordagenzink I know what you mean, it would be nice if he gave some cool tips and tricks, but this is like for someone who has never even heard of fishing.

  20. Everything this guy says is just common sense! It's like an insult to my intelligence!

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