ARK Survival Evolved – THE BASICS [E02]

ARK Survival Evolved – THE BASICS [E02]

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ARK Survival Evolved – Thumbs Up For More ARK!!! ♥

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the Dinosaurs & primeval creatures roaming the land & team up with hundreds of players or play locally!




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  1. Hey hypno you'll really want to pump up your health before you start pumping up other things. It will help heaps 

  2. nicbig99 Wildstyle

    Play wth Slip and Zueljin

  3. to tame dodos feed them berrys
     your first tame should be a parasaur
    make hats to level up faster
    and turn up the gathering level a little more

  4. What graphics card does he have?

  5. Use an hatchet or a pick on the animal u kill u get more resources from it 

  6. Miles's NerdySwag!

    will you ever bring back hermitcraft vanilla? some people tottallymiss it

  7. ! WierxiaGameingPro

    You Get More Hide If You Use Pick
     On Them

  8. Narco berries are used to keep a dino knocked out( punching works too but be carefull not to kill it) you can later make narcotics with narcoberries and rotten meat, narco berries and punching make the taming effectiveness go down narcotics dont, dinos do not eat narco berries and narcotics, you have to put them in their inventory and use the "remote use item" option( do not feed them white berries they make them wake up quicker). You have to feed berries to herbivores and raw meat to carnivores (rotten for scorpions), some animals have preference in berries.
    There are other things like prime meat and some other things that help you tame faster, but you ll learn about that later im sure.
    High level dinossaurs take longer to tame, bigger dinossaurs take longer to tame, dont think about levels too much, a level 100 dodo is a lot weaker than a level 1 trike.

  9. Awesome, Cant wait for next episode, just bought it myself, and i heard, that if you join the south part of the map, its a bit easier mobs.  So first time i tried that.. as soon as the loadingscreen finished, I was killed by a lvl 60 dino :P

  10. 18:30 that music plays when it is 12pm, midday.

  11. Hey hype I just wanted to say hi and that I have been here from the beginning I was around 1000 subs and you are by far my favorite YouTuber 

  12. Witch is better than cooked meat

  13. Berry r for herbivore narcotic keeps it asleep and dodos dont do much but they lay eggs too use to make kibble with is better that cooked meat

  14. Amoral Philosopher

    A good starting way to level up is to make a lot of hats since it is easy to gather a lot of fiber. Another way is to make a thatch foundation, demolish it (it gives back 50% of resources used to create it), and then craft it again (rinse and repeat). Thatch is not quite as easy to get, but thatch foundations give more experience than hats. You could even go for crafting and demolishing a lot of wooden foundations repeatedly since they give even more experience than the thatch version for crafting, but again the resource gathering requires a bit more work. You will need to find a balance between effort involved in gathering vs experience rewarded for crafting. I personally prefer the wooden foundation way for early game leveling.

  15. Steven De Gonia

    A tip to save your framerate is to turn the ground clutter all the way down.

  16. I learned most of what I know about Ark from watching Sl1pg8r and Zeuljin, so I went into the game knowing quite a bit more than the typical newbie. It's entertaining watching you newb it up though XD. It's also interesting that you set up your campfire right where my tribe has it's base.


    Spears break randomly and often. It's a good idea to carry three or so at all times.

    Use the hatchet to harvest wood, hide, or stone; use the pick axe to harvest thatch, meat, or flint.

    As has been pointed out, Dodos eat berries rather than meat, as do most creatures that don't attack unprovoked (though some, such as the pteranodon and ichthyosaur are friendly carnivores).

    Unconscious creatures will automatically eat comparable food when hungry. Also, all creatures have preferred foods, which are more effective for taming than other foods. Herbivores have favorite berries, and carnivores prefer raw meat over cooked (and really love prime meat, but you won't be getting much of that at this stage).

    Note that narcoberries and stimberries are never eaten automatically; even herbivores do not consider them food.

    To keep a creature unconscious, you have to force feed it narcoberries. You do this by selecting the berries and clicking Remote Use Item. Each narcoberry increases torpor by 8 points. You can also craft narcotics once you have the engram for it and a mortal & pestle; these work like narcoberries except that they don't spoil, and each does 40 torpor.

    I have heard that narco berries are better for herbivores and narcotics better for carnivores, but I don't know if there is (or ever was) any truth to this.

    I've never seen a white supply drop spawn on the north shore. I don't know if it's just rare or it never happens, but don't expect to see one. They do however seem common in the south.


  17. This is so fun to watch. Keep playing this! 

  18. I like how he flips the ax into his hand.

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