ARK: Survival Evolved – The Basics! [1]

ARK: Survival Evolved – The Basics! [1]

- in Survival Basics

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  1. Benjamin McCullogh

    anathor great vid

  2. What state you

  3. Ok,I like it better when you're alone, but it's okay. I don't mind.

  4. Ill crap my spear guys

  5. Blitzwinger why you put fan boy potion

  6. The Kamloops Gameanators Games

    What server are you on

  7. shahila kingsly

    So there is no story mode for this game then?

  8. your character looks so hilarious

  9. What server are you on

  10. when you where in your inventory you pood im eating an ice loly when I comented;)

  11. you can also punch it to get meet

  12. Deadpool Sanders

    gamers hands doe LOL XD

  13. When I first saw gamers character I freaked out XDXDXD 

  14. Do Fifa 15 please

  15. Is. It free

  16. Play mortal kombat

  17. I hope that there are cows for Gamer to kill.

  18. use pickaxe on trees and hachet on rocks

  19. what happened to walking dead? come on blitzwinger no one will make fun of you or be upset if you cry

  20. press b to talk in game to other people

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