Ark Survival Evolved: Part 31 – THE SNOW MOUNTAINS!

Ark Survival Evolved: Part 31 – THE SNOW MOUNTAINS!

- in Survival In Mountains

Meet Darci, my new Sabertooth as we travel off to the new Snow Mountains!

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Outro Song: Tristam – My Friend
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  1. Cameron Pritchard

    Direwolfs dong neer a saddle

  2. ScienceGoneRong

    You don't need a saddle for a wolf you can literally just ride it with out a saddle it's pretty awesome

  3. you dont need a sattle for the dire wolf also gather pelt with hatchet

  4. Direwoves don't need a saddle

  5. they do not have to have a saddle

  6. I'm back! Expect some awesome content coming out soon!

  7. Hey bucks you don't need a saddle to ride a direwolf. 

  8. Yay some more ark
    Keep up the good work!

  9. VloggyGamer Dude

    Bucks i added you on steam 😀 i think that this is my second comment but please accept me 😀 name is VloggyGamerDude and love ur vids :)

  10. Darcy is a beast!

  11. another amazing video Ryan nicely done mate keep them coming :D

  12. Ryan/Bucks I just started watching your videos today and i must say that you are already in my top 5 favorite youtubers!

  13. first

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