Ark Survival Evolved – HOW TO ARK – Staying Alive & Basics

Ark Survival Evolved – HOW TO ARK – Staying Alive & Basics

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Ark Survival Evolved Basics!

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New to Ark Survival Evolved? This video should help you on your way. I show the basics of the game; food and water, leveling, engrams, tools and a few other things…

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  1. Nice vid man thanks!

  2. ow….. hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu 2:15

  3. That other guy has en epic voice.

  4. Harrison Vaughan

    Disabled Dodos

  5. Frame rate is on point

  6. Suiseiseki Rozen

    try learning how to play the game before you make a tutorial

  7. The giant floating things are called RIFTS. Each colored Rift has different levels. You need to be that level to open it. Most of the time the RIFTS will have dinosaurs guarding it. So be geared before you go there and don't be a idiotic Dueche Bag

  8. Christoffer Feldt


  9. I saw on jackfrags video and ur on it :D

  10. Jackfrags for the win

  11. that there is minecraft rust and the forest

  12. hows being in jackfags clan going

  13. AimStaRHD™ LP

    Show us your game options and how much fps you have xD

  14. AimStaRHD™ LP

    Mike <3

  15. Hey im a new sub , saw you on jackfrags video good stuff

  16. Was watching jack frags and googled your username

  17. At first I thought thats an npc for sure, no way an irl human voice. Still a bit suspicious :)

  18. GamingLoadown101

    trilluxe at 4.20?

  19. GG playing with Russians.

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